Hail the size of a hens egg pierced all the roofs in the Polish Bishtyneke

Hail, sometimes reach the size of a hen's egg, fell on Wednesday night in one of the districts of Warmia and Mazury in the north-east of Poland, Polish Radio reports.

The city Bishtynek of nearly 3000 people, almost all hail pierced the roof, mostly tile, damaged cars, the wind fell a tree, broken power supply.

"Virtually all the roofs in town Bishtynek destroyed, perforated like Swiss cheese. Plus general damage to trees, some trees uprooted, power lines cut short somewhere, but the main tragedy — is the roof, the machine, such as a police car, the many broken glass "- said the mayor of the city Wojciech Prokotsky.

Local Fire Department reported 300 victims homes. Eliminate the consequences of bad weather a few dozen firemen.

Storms with showers and thunderstorms raging over Poland last few days. Wind ripped trees terminated transmission lines. In Silesia Province in south-western Poland without electricity because of bad weather were 13 thousand people. A similar problem occurred in the central part of the country. Thus, in the town of Czestochowa electricity lost about 6000 people.

Forecasters expect a repeat of storms and thunderstorms in the coming days in different regions of the country.

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