Hamaoka nuclear reactors suppresses pending tsunami

Today, the Japanese power company Chubu Electric Power is one of the drowned reactors "Hamaoka" located in Shizuoka Prefecture, 200 km south-west of the capital of Japan. Another unit will stop on Saturday.
Stop "Hamaoka" was made at the request of the Japanese government, which came to the conclusion that this station, standing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, poorly protected from possible tsunami.
According to experts in the area of nuclear power over the next 30 years with a 87% probability of an earthquake of magnitude 8.0. It can cause a large tsunami that cause dangerous damage to the station.
Potential emissions of radiation from "Hamaoka" directly threaten Tokyo, as the winds blow steadily from there in the direction of the Japanese capital. Now the station will be built breakwaters and other protective structures that will cover it from any tsunami. It will take 2-3 years. After that, the NPP can
Three reactor nuclear plant "Hamaoka" could give a total of 3.6 million kilowatts of electricity. This is about 10% of all possible energy company Chubu Electric Power, which serves the central regions of Japan. Now it will try to compensate the loss by re-activating previously stopped thermal power plants, and will ask its customers to take steps to save energy.
Today it was reported that the Japanese call for energy savings — in particular, to use less air conditioning. And to feel better in the heat of civil servants in Japan will be allowed to come to work in light clothing — jeans and t-shirts and shirts untucked.
The earthquake and tsunami on March 11 in Japan led to a man-made disaster — the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". Now the authorities are taking precautionary measures to avoid such devastating effects of natural disasters in the future.

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