Heniyush and Bulls


Literary Consultant "Grodno truth" Vasil Bykov as could support the disgraced poet. Almost everyone in his letter Zelva he ended unchanged request: send poems — will print. And prints. When you leaf through the newspaper sewing for 60 years, the name of Larissa Heniyush found on litstaronkah quite often.

At the time, the poet had not yet had a typewriter, copied poems by hand. Her handwriting Vasil Bykov reads with difficulty, his own texts reprinted and sent to the author — on reconciliation.

Once Vasily Vladimirovich Antonovna Larissa decided to make a pleasant surprise — to expand the range of its readers up to one hundred thousand. He arranged for the publication in the magazine "Neman", he found an interpreter and even cooked for him trot geniyushavskih poems. Translator sent his translations of the authorization and … received from Zelva categorical refusal to publish them in the Belarusian Russian-language magazine. In Moscow publications — please …

Danuta Bichel, Larissa Heniyush, Vasil Bykov as teachers Zelva health-Forest School. 1963

But usually Larissa Heniyush listened to the advice of his younger friend. In 1972, the Bulls even persuaded her to take part in a purely Soviet action. The Grodno region antyalkagolnuyu held company, and ordered the regional committee to connect to the case of local writers. Writer needs to look no Alex Karpyuk struggled with alcoholism and without obkomovskih companies. But the poets share together boycotted. That's where the Bulls took advantage of the fact that Larissa Antonovna not stand drunks.

Her poem "Hops" printed in "Grodno truth" was even awarded with a diploma of the regional department of the Ministry of Interior. Perhaps this is the only reward from the government, which received the poet for his literary career.

The usually reserved in evaluations of literary works, Vasil Bykov prytoyvav impressions after meeting with the verses of Larissa Heniyush in "Flame" (1967, № 2): "Just want to tell you: too good. Well in mood for thought on intonation. A poem, "Bison" — just gorgeous. I'm happy for you and proud of your poetic golden thread. "

Larissa's favorite literary hero Ivan Antonovich was Tereshko with the "Alpine Ballad". Author of the story has to do only one "correct for humanity": that Ivan did not die a horrible death — from canine fangs. On zagryzenyh escorts Shepherds prisoners that dared to escape, the poet has seen enough in the camp, and it was enough …

When the Soviet criticism drapezhyla Bykov for his story "The Dead do not hurt," Larisa Heniyush exalt all your friends to his defense. Hearing that in the academic literature of the Institute will be a discussion of the writer, it is strongly demanded that the literary critic Nicholas Prashkovicha:

"Support Bykov! Its elements — it bichavanne beschalavechnastsi, rudeness and nizastsi in humans. Especially in war. Bulls treats these sores on the body of society. He shred them thoroughly. So, do not hurt quite dead! Bulls" weeding "of society, and this is a big business. It — Deep analyst, almost brilliant, like life itself. Do not feel sorry for him and the common good feeling brave words! Cheap and weightless words, he does not like and will not accept. "

Heniyush if not first considered the genius Bykov. About the writer superlyatyvah then no one spoke. Bykovskaya worldwide fame only blinked on the horizon.

The Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich in Grodno, in a memorial Larissa Heniyush little room, and today you can see the strips inlaid chest — a gift of Grodno writers poetess her 70th birthday. Local wood carver produced his commissioned Vasily Bykov.

Larissa Heniyush. Furrow
Oak fell, fell Sosonko,
blood-sap flowing from the bark.
Furrow, Barazna-notch,
you burn up without a pair.
How many treasures napradenyh, woven
at the bottom of the trunks of the peasant is —
are you in all this was in love …
As well, the guy you revive?
How is dull and drowsy as well:
no dawn, no light, no dawn.
Who will tell the country were small,
Who lost it yesterday …
More lips just did not say
more hands than not found
as soon as you have taken away
enslaved in our land!
Not for gold is not for money,
on the age-old land Krivichy
Here are hunted mercilessly Proksch
Countries on the beautiful sons.
Not a war — a grave, grave
finds it light, concise goals.
Well, the people need them wingless,
and therefore beat the Eagles.
Do not kill all, we are the pain and wounds,
with a cruel revenge for the ills of flour,
we have new heroes will rise
lift and hit people!
As weeds, they knock down the villains
by punishing the people's anger,
let the grace, mercy, do not ask
who are above us had no sympathy!
Oak fell, fell Sosonko,
that people lovingly nurtured.
Burn up forever grooves
know the enemy who killed …
In the abyss of national grief,
where we areIlie, fraud and fear,
Furrows our extinguished as the Rays,
that people asvechvali way.
Furrow, Barazna, grooves …
Alas, not given to live until dawn.
The people, in the homeland
Gold was Barazna …
Sung by wind and menacing drawl,
licking the wounds afflicted land
counts the number of bloody furrows,
that was constructed over it without war.
Again agonizing way around the fortress,
Numb the entire page.
Only the wind — the indefatigable fighter —
villages nightly wake of Constantine!

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