Hidden Alien Base

Hidden base prisheltsevNachinaya the mid 90s of the American city of Pine Bush (NY) started receiving reports from local residents about the appearance of strange lights in the sky. April 25, 1997, researchers John Matsedo and Bruce Cornet of the organization "Anomalous celestial phenomena," arrived in the city to determine their accuracy.

They arranged an observation post on the outskirts of town, where the stories of people, often appearing lights. After a few days spent in an ambush researchers were convinced of the truth of the stories of eyewitnesses. At an altitude of about 300 meters above the surrounding hills, there were several bright, close-spaced lights.

These configurations can be found triangular UFO. The device turned sharply towards the observer, flying, falling over their heads, and disappeared behind the trees. The next day, in a forest clearing, three kilometers from the vantage point Matsedo Cornet and found a triangular mark scorched earth length of about 30 meters.

Later in the vicinity of Pine Bush repeatedly observed a UFO. In the spring of 2000 in that area, captured on video UFOs three types, including what they see and similar researchers in 1997.

Operators recorded a UFO as a glowing sphere and UFO resembling the outline of the kite. Its round bottom were visible light sources emit pulsed beams of different colors.

UFO fell over the forest in Pine Bush, where they probably landed. Install the landing failed. According to the UFO in the forest can be located underground alien base.

Source: Inomir.Ru

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