How Czar Peter the Russian people for tobacco hoisted

315 years ago, February 11, 1697 Peter the 1st published nominal decree to permit the sale of tobacco.

Date certainly remarkable, but while I am lost, I have to celebrate this anniversary, or not. The day when a great nation began to persecute tobacco! Is it a holiday? Or mournful date? Or maybe create a precedent: a walk in harmony, irregular formation in the streets of Russian cities with a cigarette with yellow teeth, shout praises tobacco bought in frozen fountains …. Or just simply stand in mournful silence near the ashtray?
Initially, the Russian people was in fact a non-smoker. Only the drinker, but are eager to have sex. And Europe, in fact, contracted this destruction comes only after the return of Columbus from America with Native American souvenirs and gifts. It is they, the American Indians and the founders have sacred ritual: smoke mouthfuls stinking dope, like cheating. They are all gone. (Somehow these kayfolomy before stoned that the doomsday foretold in the year. Mood just spoiled the whole world).

The first reliable information about the smoking of tobacco in Russia dates back to the mid-seventeenth century, the reign of Mikhail Romanov. In Russia, tobacco brought advanced English merchants, and exceedingly profited on this business, devastating the already meager Russian treasury. Tobacco has been a hell of a fun and expensive, many Russians because of his addiction got into debt. With 1634 sales of tobacco and smoking are strictly prohibited, but the process of total tabakotizatsii Russia was unstoppable. Metastasis of this plague, as if stoned cockroaches, spreading through the body to clean the country. Tobacco, rightly considered "devilish potion" and executed him to death, publicly beaten with rods on the bare ass, sequestered nostrils and deported to Siberia. But, incredibly strong was the desire of the Russian people "pyhnut" Indian grass! Even under pain of death, the Russian people, like a thief, vpotay still smoked.
Smoke — and right nostrils with torn on the block or in Siberia! Russian nozdrelomy worked in three shifts for wear. Many dashing, beznozdrevogo folk wandered in those days by vast Siberian taiga, shooting passers tobacco. Do not be Peter — and now half the population of Russia, to this day, inhaled b clean, clear taiga air pitiful remnants of his tattered, desecrated nostrils.

Khoury, great country!

Son Mikhail Romanov Alexei "quietest" was also intolerant of smokers. But his son, Peter, legalized smoking in Russia, because he briskly addicted to some tobacco (in fact, he himself does not have nostrils, it will pull out, but to settle, "chemistry" send "his majesty!").

He began secretly smoke from time to time even in the German Quarter with his friend Lefort, and after a trip to the Great Britain Embassy in freestyle, beer Saxony, the beautiful Venice, but in the cheer-Laughs Holland, where he was particularly addicted to this rush, the God told him tobbacco grips. In Holland drove him enterprising Englishmen, sensing expansion prospects of the tobacco market in the east. They invited the young Peter England, drove him unscrupulous girls, from England, banketirvali it fairly, and, in the end — persuaded languid young freebies from Peter to give it to them the green light to supply tobacco to Mother Russia. Peter himself too have realized what benefit to the treasury of the Russian he can learn from this bad habit of choking. He decided to make money out of blue smoke, and the return of the ill-fated issued the decree.
And in late September 1699 Russia imported half a million pounds of tobacco. Lit a huge country. In 1705, Peter himself established two tobacco factories: In St. Petersburg, and in Akhtyrka (though raw materials were imported!). And the king commanded: "To sell the aforesaid in bright room at the taverns" (tobacco, I mean). And we do as if the Emperor is doing something — so that's good! (It would be better to Peter Sambo or badminton played)
And he is the father of disco, which at that time was called the Assembly. The tradition of smoking, plump and shshupat girls on the dance floor went out from the Assembly. And soon, in some, a couple of decades, Russia has become its own vigorous grow tobacco, which is called the shag. Tsar Peter and replenish the treasury, did they public?
Years went by. Russian landscape changed, successive kings, leaders and socio-economic formations. Hovering over the country bluish clouds of tobacco smoke. Oratorio arbor cough comes great Russia. Cigarettes produce more, and the life of smokers is getting smaller. Today, Russia is a stable leader in the world in the number of smokers. Smokers have 39.1 percent of the adult population. And how many children "blaze" — do not count! (They are hiding!).
I myself narrowly escaped this incredible desolation. Smoke began five years. (I secretly dokurival cigarette butts that self-indulgence is my father, reclining on the sofa and asked me to throw it in the toilet). But in the 6th grade, I suddenly "gave up", as was the boxing. Sport forever stole me this fatal passion. Glory of sport! (Now here I think to go to Sambo).
(I am pleased to know that after reading this material, you, dear reader, indignantly crushed and thrown nearly full pack of cigarettes and went to the gym, to Sambo. Thank you.)
PS Maybe someone will say, "Nonsense! After all, if it were not for Peter, I never would have experienced great happiness to draw a syzy, smelly smoke and release it through his nose! I would never have felt the sweet buzz of cheerful morning cough with viscous, yellow phlegm! "And I will not argue with him. He has his own truth.


Victims' zlodymnoy plague "had many great writers, artists, musicians, playwrights and artists: Dostoevsky, Van Gogh, Alexei Ostrovsky, Boris Pasternak, Joseph Brodsky, Walt Disney, Lev Yashin, Sergei Paradjanov, Michael Tariverdiev, Alexander Abdulov, Rolland Bulls, Sigmund Freud, Eugene Evstigneev. I do not think that smoking was the cause of their genius. But the cause of premature death, it was exactly. After all, being without tobacco, not even a single smoker died. George Harrson, after he was diagnosed with throat cancer, said: "I got it just because of smoking." A Magomayev in a recent interview, said: "If there were a second life, the only thing I would change — I would not smoke."


And the head of the largest tobacco companies British American Tobacco Martin Bourton yourself, then do not smoke! Because he knows — that tobacco — this is a paid death! That's it!


In Russia, the tobacco epidemic kills an average of half a million lives each year.


Ominous predictors, heavy smokers, the Mayans, naively believed the falling stars ashes from cigars to smoke Gods (That's how "gems" of the Maya with tobacco!), And clouds — the smoke of these cigars. Here darkness! Gods, that they — fools — smoking entu bezmazovuyu poison? After the tobacco contained polonium-210! But Maya did not know such a simple thing! And time did not even know that, how do they know about the end of the world?

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