How Slonim Heniyush raised to the rank of a classic


Larissa Heniyush book "Hell relatives" came out twice — in Prague and Slonim

On the fifth year filfaka BSU, I wrote a thesis on the works of Larissa Heniyush. Scientific chairwoman Love Tarasyuk read my writing and said that analyze poetry Heniyush, bypassing her first book, "Hell native" — is not serious. Indeed, called the book I had never seen before. On the bookshelf in the dormitory were collections of "Neman of Nevada," "On Chabar infusions" and the fresh catch of favorites "White Dream" and "Hell native" was not. I have not found the Prague books and student funds available in what was then the Lenin Library.

Get rarities helped me classmate Ales Trinity, which also felt pretty confident on abroad. Fatakopiya collection "From the native cornfields" was rushed to Minsk from Prague with the local Slavic Library. Instance was even autographed by the author: "Nezravnyanamu artist Michael Zabeyda-Sumitsky. Prague, September 8, 1942. "

Need a page in a research paper I finished writing and successfully defended. And my scientific chairwoman lent me the Prague collection and hand-copied it for their own needs. Soon the weekly "Literature and Art" appeared on the poetry of her article Larissa Heniyush "Mother Belarus." He impressed me, but even more amazed fact rewriting. Since then, I have not left the idea to republish the book "Hell native" way of faxing.

To do this, was to make three things: find the book itself, and to find an investor to negotiate with the printing. Ironically, it is easier found an investor — Grodno entrepreneur Valentin Dubatovka. When we met with him on his own sawmill in the town Derechin, and he drank a screeching recited a poem Larissa Heniyush "The country is happy, my dear mother …", I realized you need as soon as possible rather seek Scorina bench.

I worked at that time in the Ministry of Culture and print, so easily got an appointment with the minister. The minister was contacted on the book case and patiently told me about the position facsimile editions. From this it followed that they are entitled to only indisputable classics — Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Maxim Bogdanovich … Minister paperakladav on the table brought me the photo lists and by slowing voice, read: "Let deploy its wings, / as caretaker of eternal life / let a noisy even at the grave / I white-red-white flag." On a calendar year was 1995, just passed a referendum on the state symbols, the country continued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the victory over fascism. "Veterans will not understand us," — the minister said and held out his hand in farewell.

But I as an employee of the Ministry shortly before it went to inspections by regional and local print shops. What if …

The first to respond Sergei Chigrin from Slonim: "Our printing is ready to release a book of Larissa Heniyush in the shortest time possible and in any edition!"

All my fears Director of Public Slonim printing Vladislav Filippov rejected the meeting: "We gasrazliku, and the ministry I do not take orders … Book Heniyush I type. Bring a copy of a model."

It remained to find it, one exemplary instance. I called around and walked a dozen bibliophiles Minsk — to no avail. Some advised to look in Vilnius in Yankee Shutovicha heirs, the second — from Valentin Gritskevich in St. Petersburg, and others — refer to the same Slavic library in Prague … Suddenly desired book still found — in the library of one venerable Doctor of Letters. The owner has agreed to lend his curiosity with one condition — never to mention his name …

Soon we Sergei Chigrin already exported ready three thousand copies of the Slonim printing. Today the book "From the native cornfields" is in all major libraries in the country. And in my library, it stands on the same shelf with "fifes Belarusian" Mateja Burachek, "flute" Yanka Kupala, "Songs of Sorrow" Kolas, "crowning" of Maxim Bogdanovich "motherboard for nothing," Ales Harun, "Runnyu" Maxim Gorki …

That's the glorious city of Larissa Heniyush Slonim raised to the rank of a classic.

"Heart to the Edge returned …"
Heart-to-Edge returned,
Although bullying others intimidated.
Young people looking for zernyatka
Truth is our largest.
Let not the shining palaces
Our age-old village,
Yet kindness and labors
as the sun, it is enlightened.
Have not heard in
the words of his folk,
everything was cold in the cold —
Siberian or fashion.
The soul is numb to the cries
severe war, guerrilla,
soul brutalized in tricks
collective farm, alien serfdom.
Young people looking for a good,
solar and simple.
Young people looking for the mother —
for the growth of living roots.
Young people looking for sincerity,
large, extra-terrestrial …
During the spiritual poverty
young people seeking God.

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