Hundreds of thousands of homes are without electricity due to the storm in the U.S.

Hundreds of thousands of households are still without power in Washington, DC and the surrounding area because of the storm that hit the area on the night of last Saturday that killed 18 people, said the city radio station WTOP.

"Emergency crews are working around the clock energy companies, but some of the houses in Washington and the surrounding counties of Virginia and Maryland, is still without power. Violated electricity infrastructure, including traffic lights and road signs. Total number of outages in the region in the middle of the day Monday about 500 thousand ", — said the radio station.

As noted on the air WTOP representatives of energy companies, the number of trips has increased dramatically on Monday morning due to start the week — a lack of energy began to report the representatives of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

"Right now, rates change, the electricity supply is restored, but without the power supply remains a significant number of consumers., We expect that this will change significantly for the better by the end of the day Tuesday, when we eliminate 80-85% of the power outage," — said the representative of the power company Dominion Dan Dzhinest.

According to him, to completely eliminate the effects of the storm energy plan until the end of the week.

"We expect by the end of Thursday to connect 90% of the remaining customers without electricity, but there will be those who will remain without electricity until the end of the day Sunday," — said the representative of the company.

The situation is complicated by high temperatures — in Washington are currently around 33 degrees Celsius. U.S. East Coast after almost every heavy thunderstorms thousands of people remain without power — wire power lines cut off by falling tree branches and the wind.

The representative of another region's largest power company, Pepco, said that by mid-Monday only 43% of those without electricity consumers were connected to electricity.

"We ask customers to be patient, our teams are working around the clock, 16-hour shifts. We are doing everything to restore power," — said Pepco Regional Representative Tom Graham.

According to him, the rescue team arrived metropolitan power companies in neighboring states as well as from Canada. In the next few hours will arrive repair crews from Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and Missouri.

Graham assured that the vast majority of customers Pepco will be connected to the power supply to 23.00 Friday.

As the world news agencies reported, a storm in the U.S. killed 18 people. In connection with the elements of the state of emergency declared in the states of Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Because of the storm are still without electricity POYARKOV 3 million people, mobile and internet in most areas affected by natural disasters strike, work intermittently.

U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide the necessary assistance to the authorities of the states affected by the storm that hit the East Coast of the U.S..

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