Hurricane Irene has made North Carolina and New York in the area of emergencies. Aftermath

Powerful Hurricane "Irene" has killed more than 50 people and caused damage to the U.S. economy $ 10 billion

U.S. President Barack Obama officially announced the North Carolina and New York, flooded by a powerful tropical storm "Irene" emergency zones.

This step will allow the president to two states for more money from the budget to correct the consequences of natural disasters, reports BBC.

The White House also questioned for urgent orders to other states, including Vermont.

Hurricane "Irene" has killed 52 people, damage to the economy is estimated at $ 10 billion natural disaster caused a power outage in New York. Millions of people are still without electricity after element befell States last Saturday. Under the impact of elements were populous state of the American coast. To New York, a hurricane came in a reduced form as a storm.

For the first time in its history, the New York City subway has closed due to the disaster. About 370 thousand people living in the lowlands areas, were forced to leave their homes.

To help residents during a disaster and mitigate its consequences government mobilized the National Guard.

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