Hypersonic flight tests KR «BrahMos» will begin in 2017

Hypersonic flight tests KR
India could be one of the first countries in the world that conduct tests hypersonic missile that can fly at a speed of 5-7 times faster sound that will give her the opportunity sformirovyvaetsya frisky potential global impact.
«Hypersonic version of BrahMos KR will be ready for flight testing in 2017,» said CEO of the Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace Sivathanu Pillai (Sivathanu Pillai). In his view, will need about 5 years to make a multifunctional model rockets. «We have already conducted a series of laboratory tests on the speed of 6.5 m,» he added.
Our homeland India and tightly close to the U.S., which last year claimed that the missile tests conducted at a speed of 5M. According to test results, it was stated that these missiles can hit targets in at least some part of the world for 1 hour.
Pillai said that the brand new rocket will have three types of bases — land, air and sea. He also said that the hypersonic KR entered service only India and Russia.
Joint venture BrahMos Aerospace in current produces supersonic KR BrahMos, made on the basis of the missile 3M55 «Yakhont» Russian NGO «Engineering». KR has a range of 290 km, is armed with warheads weighing up to 300 kg and can fly at an altitude of 10 meters, the highest rate is 2.8 M, which is about three times greater than the rate of KR American Tomahawk. Sea and land version of the missile has already taken into service of the Indian Army and Navy.
Flight tests of aviation version will be completed by the end of 2012. Indian Air Force plans to equip these missiles 40 Su-30MKI fighters.

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