I walk the streets — never see the poor


The listener "Freedom" from Polotsk
, who introduced Vladimir, expressed his opinion about a trip Alexander Lukashenko CSTO summit in Yerevan.

"The only result of the participation of our guide at the Yerevan CSTO summit is that Rygorych got another 400 liters of Armenian cognac. Other useful for Belarus outcome of this voyage is not.'s Where the scope for our prosecutors. Suppose that G. would have asked: how many state fuel burned when he rally in Yerevan and back just to get another barrel of Armenian cognac. Clearly, no one would dare prosecutor to ask this question, the this day will be his last work, and perhaps the last in life. "

Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich comments on this statement:


"I agree with the general assessment that Lukashenko participation in this summit made no sense for Belarus. Generally, participation in the CSTO does not make any sense to Belarus. Certainly, such a trip cost is quite expensive for the budget. But for the budget and for Belarus to more expensive by itself meaningless membership in the CSTO.

I wish that the prosecutor asked the question is not so much how much cost flight and accommodation, as well as Belarus is losing because of this there is a pro-Russian military organization. "

But the emotional call from our DC Nicholas Chybisava listener:

"I would like to say that from the highest bleachers Alexander Lukashenko, our president, said that the Belarusian people our educated, hard-working, and the past 16 years has deceived this people at $ 12 billion. Lukashenko's so smart or our people!"

At this statement a short comment policy Ivashkevich:


"There is a children's film is a Soviet-era song" fools do not need a knife, he was a little podpoesh — and do with it what he likes. " This is — for those who are maintained on all this talk, all these boastful. "

There is audience, who categorically refutes statements of other participants that in Belarus there are poor people:

"Yesterday," Freedom "has sounded the call of some of Paul that Belarus is poor. So here I want to invite Paul to Brest, so he helped me find those beggars. Walked around town — could not find it. According to some streets — hundreds of private shops, on the margins — thousands of houses, on the streets of 250,000 cars. Where are the poor? Paul, come, help to search! ".

The leader of the movement "For Freedom!" Alexander Milinkevih responded to the call that is on the way to Brest


"In our country, there really is a holiday for many millions of dollars, we have machines that are not common in Paris or Berlin, there are a lot of rich people. But it's a tiny percentage of the number of Belarusians. I am surprised that even such a person put the question, what in the world is living, because I have many friends of young people who graduate from universities, doctors or teachers. They begin to work on earning
300 000-350 000. Here imagine such a family. Or she can buy furniture, a TV? I'm not talking about a car or apartment. This is the low salaries. A pensioner who can not keep their premises, especially in the winter when you have to pay for heat? They do not know how to pay. If you pay for the phone, they just have to livernuyu sausage. I know all this and I see. Among the people I know many such people. People have worked for 40 years and almost ends meet.

In each country, it happens that there are rich and poor. But the fact that we have the salaries and pensions are three times less than in Estonia, which were together in the Soviet Union, that's about it I suppose. "

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