If you do wrong, then nothing will earn

As always, the Company before the election, the government is preparing a so-called "All-Belarusian People's Assembly", which will show off their achievements to the specially elected representatives. On the results of the 16-year rule created by Alexander Lukashenko power "hierarchy" they write in their letters to liberty and many listeners.

Our long-time friend Vasily Cornflower in Radoshkevichah Maladzechna area one of the main decisions of the current government, which is a fatal impact on society, considers the introduction of a rigid contract system. The listener writes:

"It fundamentally changed our nation — for the worse. As a result, people with the fear due to the fact that they could lose their jobs, and with it, their livelihood. Compared, as were people 15 years ago, and what are now — and see a huge difference.

Fear destroys a person as a person, making it limp and lack of initiative. Among other things, the fear — it is stressful, and stress arise from the disease.

Therefore, the system of relations between the employer and employee, which was established in Belarus, I believe a crime against their own people.

… Another topic that interests many of today — Lukashenko promised salary of $ 500. I think that power can easily declare that this goal has been achieved. Who can prove that it is not? What, you pay only $ 100? So your neighbor — 900. That's an average of five hundredth and

Need to raise the minimum wage, though — thoroughly. That's when it will be seen how the standard of living. I know that in developed countries, the income gap between low-paid and highly paid employees is 4-6 times. We get the same low-paying 4-6 times less than the average salary. What can we compare the lowest and the highest salaries … '.

Manipulation of the figures of the average wage is still quite risky, Mr. Basil. In those days we peradverasnevskiya to "Freedom" is often heard stories about the life of today's teachers. So, what can expect a young teacher, yesterday's Pedagogical University graduate? Uncategorized — and the category is given only a few years — the young professionals get under 300,000 rubles. Salary teacher with thirty years of experience and categories — about five hundred thousand.

And these are the people who most often fall into different levels of the electoral commission, whose hands, in fact, made the so-called "elegant victory". You can convince this large social group, the average salary in Belarus today is $ 500, while they get paid from one hundred to two hundred?

Our listener Rosalia Rubinchik from Minsk concerned about how the Belarusian authorities for the memory of the war, how you react to the dramatic events of the neighbors. In his letter to freedom, she writes:

"Our neighbors, the Russians celebrate June 22 as the Day of Memory and Grief. And rightly so: how many victims claimed that war has brought much grief. And we have a public channel" ONT "that day showed the" Song of the year in Belarus. "I do not understand how possible on a day to sing "pop" and have fun. According to my opinion, this is unacceptable and demonstrates the extreme cynicism of our officials, managers TV.

Surely it was impossible to show instead of some ballet or a concert of symphonic music?

Also, I know that in the days of the tragedies that often occur in the world (and especially our neighbors, the Russians) have on public television as often sing yes padbrykvayuts instead sympathize. When I called about it in various instances, so I replied: "And we have no mourning, it is in Russia it is declared." It was during the tragedy at Dubrovka, in Beslan, in Turkey and elsewhere).

I do not know how to explain it. In my opinion, this is — Barbarism ".

Military theme official propaganda uses readily and often — but mainly in order to cause the tide of Soviet patriotism and rally around the power of the electorate. So much pampeznastsi, pride and hvalaspevav invincible Red Army and the wise leadership headed by Stalin. An unwarranted vast human cost of inept leadership Kremlin strategists, that is not considered to be with the people to achieve their goals — rarely hear about it.

And what about the other's grief sympathy at the state level … Let me remind you that Belarus was the only one of the neighboring countries of Poland, which this year in April, has not announced mourning for the victims of the plane crash near Smolensk, which killed 96 people, including President Lech Kaczynski. And this despite the fact that the mourning for the victims declared Russia Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia — even distant, overseas Brazil.

On what policy changes need to happen in Belarus, and there was a real division of power, and citizens can freely choose their representatives, says in a letter to freedom Boris Rut'kov from Minsk. He writes:

"Today it is clear to everyone that he had voluntarily resigned Lukashenko will never go away. To call a spade a spade, he wants to remain in office for life. And the other point of view of his little concern. It is for this reason that there is now his conflict with the Kremlin. Russia wants Lukashenko gone, and he replied: "No, no, no!".

Any power destroys man. Lost it and Alexander G.. He will protect her even with arms in their hands, to the last breath.

In order to change the consciousness of the Belarusian people, it is necessary to adopt a new constitution. Belarus should become a parliamentary republic. Then the state will start to operate a real democracy, and the power will be competing political parties ".

Correct conclusions, Mr. Rut'kov, only those who accept this new Constitution, which would radically change the socio-political system in Belarus? Neither the president nor his rubber-stamp parliament totally do that, as you know, is not going to. Not so in '96, the year Alexander Lukashenko radically rewrote the constitution to give someone the power now. Get him to do this can only Belarusian society itself. Most people get tired of such a regime in which the outcome of the elections and referenda is predetermined, if they want to change, for the sake of these changes will be solved by civil actions — and then there will be progress.

The author of this letter — Michael Zaharevich from Minsk — In the past — an ardent supporter of the policies of Alexander Lukashenko. However, many years of fruitless struggle with the bureaucratic system created by the President, Mr. Michael convinced of the falsehood of previous views. In his letter to freedom listener writes:

"During the first presidential election I provided Lukashenko 9 votes, while the second — six. Third time in 2006 — the only one, and then only with great reserve in advance, but still — it. Then I still found it an excuse slip base , considered a wise leader and organizer. Why now, when I shall live, I not only did not give him a voice, but also take away, probably those sixteen, provided that before?

Piar on television can be any number, but should not be judged on this samalyubavanni, but by real deeds. Lukashenko says one thing and his officials see it all their own way and do another. My decision not ripen at once. I have come to the firm conviction: the head of state must be judged by what they do their assigned officials ".

What caused such a disappointment listener? The struggle to overhaul the apartment building did as expected, but not the way you want to negligent maintenance staff. Another quote from a letter Mr Michael:

"In my own work, these would-be masters of" Minskremstroy &qu
ot;whole soul abgadili. React to the remarks as follows:" All that the complainants do the least! . "Mangled, tile beat, here and there a hole anyhow podmazhut, quit the job, DO NOT darabivshy. Like, everything else — not ours. Our standards for recovery.

Pryvalachy be here the director of "Minskremstroy" to himself corrected a newly finished. Then he might have realized that such personnel, and how to pick them up. In order not to make a mockery of responsible work and shame.

I can shit, I'm up to this for 40 years was used to fighting for quality. Often heard in response to their comments: "If you do as you want, you will not earn anything." But again listen to the president, who says: "We have a reverent attitude to the needs of the people" … Why do we have so many and so beautiful. Give at least a little attention and responsibility, do not lead to repeatedly stress state. And in whose jurisdiction Finally bang his fist on the table and say, "How long have to endure?" .. Dissatisfaction finally leads to the logical conclusion: When the rules are heads, then the authorities need it. "

In his letter, Michael Zaharevich describes in detail how many times lodged complaints to the Minsk City Executive Committee, as it created a commission attached to the analysis of various officials, including the district administration — but in the end it had the opposite effect: the builders worked worse and the complainant was treated as a sworn enemy. Mr. Michal gradually lost health, time, effort, and along with it all and I believe in a government that declares the care of the human being as its primary purpose.

If you have hired a wizard to pokleit wallpaper, and he did not complete the work of a master, pakleiv crooked and still makes fun of you, what do you do in that case? That's right, kicks out of this pseudo-master of the apartment without paying. And the hiring of another. Previously, by the way, does not hurt to ask a specialist professional ability, look at the hands of his former work. At the municipal authorities responsible for the overhaul of housing, repair organizations must be the same relationship. Do not handle the builders do the work of poor quality, people's complaints are heard everywhere — so with such an organization terminated the contract awarded penalties sought another contractor … This, of course, provided that the relationship between the official and the head of a construction company transparent, strictly divided by the contract. But if from this builder official previously received 10 percent of the so-called "rollback" in gratitude for access to public money, he will not tolerate any shenanigans negligent contractor and turn a blind eye to any deficiencies.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to freedom. Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, one hundred and eleventh Mailbox

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