If you move it is important to pack

The most common of these are cardboard boxes of different sizes and weights, air bubble film, adhesive tape in various colors, stretch film and foam.

So, the most convenient packaging used when moving, are cardboard boxes. They are needed for packing dishes, books, clothes, office equipment, household appliances, shoes and other things. Boxes available on the market can be divided into two types: barrel and bookbox. First designed to carry large in size but small in weight items such as cushions, clothing, blankets, personal items. In the same type of box «bookbox» packed dense objects that are small, but heavy. These include books, magazines, technology.

To seal folded into a box of things you have to verify bubble wrap, made from the same polyethylene, which is used in the manufacture of food packaging. This film is of two types: two-layer, in which the bubbles are soldered to one layer of the film, and the three-layer, where the bubbles are located between two layers of thin plastic.

Except that with bubble wrap can be sealed, items that were packed in a box, it is useful to protect any furniture from scratches and other damage. Wrap such a film can be anything from a cabinet or sideboard to consumer appliances and antiques.

In order to seal the items prepared for transport, often used stretch film, which is a layer of low density polyethylene. With it, you can string together a few small items that move in this form will be much easier. This packaging material is made of three layers and low density polyethylene. During winding cargo film sticks to the subject, thereby obtained waterproof packaging.

For packaging with stretch film can be used by special machines that stretch material 2-3 times, due to which the film is saved, and the cargo is packed more tightly.

When organizing an apartment or office moving and can not do without the tape with which stick with the filled cardboard boxes, as well as fix the door furniture.

Note that for different purposes, there scotch various thickness. So thick adhesive tape (thickness 50 mm) are used for packing heavy loads, as well as when working in the cold. Scotch thickness of 45 m is used most often. It is used for sealing boxes of corrugated cardboard. The thinnest tape is recommended for sealing light box made of coated cardboard.

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