IFA — the new all-terrain vehicle U.S. Marines

MPC brand new development that will multiwheel armored personnel carrier, designed to work across the range of military operations, but focused on an irregular battle environment, different operations in confined spaces and urban areas. As required of the fighting in the car is placed team from the 8-9 Marines and 2 crew members. MPC allows you to perform high-speed maneuvers on land. He also has significant ballistic protection for those in it marines.

Initially, the Corps sea MPC infantry was seen as a means of ensuring security landfall infantry battalions with 2 ton, worked out the fortified command. However, with the abolition of Expeditionary Battle machine (EFV) and the likely cancellation of the Joint Light Tactical ton (JLTV) Housing redefined the role of MPC and added to the already moving to the requested capacity development both on land and on water. It relieved most of the cars and competitors that were not made in a similar way, but improved the prospects of companies such as Iveco, with its Super AV 8 × 8 species, from the very beginning designed for amphibious operations.

By Iveco now BAE Systems are suitable for applets MPC. Lockheed Martin addressed the Patria, to offer a variety of amphibious AMV for programs from MPC. Patria treated with AMV amphibious orientation as a separate option, but the model was not created by the ability to manage it in the sea, also the highest in the surf zone. TC has already shown more advanced amphibious capabilities bureaucrats Corps Marine Corps in tests on the water and on land in Finland.

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