Impact drone «Sukhoi»

Impact drone
Company «Sukhoi» selected by the project developer languid percussion unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Earlier projects for the shock of the drones were «Falcon» and «Transas», but there it was a UAV up to 5 tons related to average. Expert says about languid bespilotnike shock as a future sixth-generation fighter.
Develop heavy percussive drone for Russian army will be the company «Sukhoi», said «the Newspaper» source in the industry. Disclose the details of the project, including its price, the source refused.

Currently, it is clear on several projects of similar machines in Russia. In October last year a tender for developmental work (OCD) UAVs weighing up to 1 ton won the St. Petersburg company «Transas» — Developer of marine and air navigation systems. Cost-efficient financing volume — about 2 billion rubles. At the same time competition for scientific research (R & D) at 1 billion rubles to build UAVs weighing 5 tons won Kazan enterprise OKB «Falcon». Companies are working on devices together, concluding an agreement on strategic partnership. Tests drones made by these companies is not expected before 2014.

Another industry source explained that the development of «The Eagle» and «Transas» Unlike in the «Dry» be considered «intelligence faster than the shock.»

Within the framework of the state defense order for the development of 3 drones, but a helicopter type was elected prime developer holding «Helicopters of Russia». Funded research and development work on the short-range drone mass of 300 kg; drone takeoff weight of 700 kg, languid unmanned helicopter — shock or transport. The volume of budget funds allocated for these works is unknown. Earlier, sources «Gazety.Ru» industry had read about 5 billion rubles, but the «figure in fact substantially less,» says a source at the moment in the holding. In June, it became clear that our homeland offers to connect to the creation of a drone helicopter type for Israel.

No publicly available data on the development of even the 1st Russian drone no shock, said «the Newspaper» chief editor of the Internet portal «Unmanned Aircraft» Denis Fedutinov. According to him, if the development of such apparatus and maintained, then it is in a serious secret.

«If the question about» Dry «, it will not engage in small UAVs,» — says the expert. But if a similar project exists, it is unlikely to interfere with the project «Transas» and «Eagle» involved in the creation of medium-large UAV flight duration: State simply does not make sense to waste money on repetitive projects.

It would be reasonable to imagine that it will be more languid class UAVs. Abroad, according Fedutinova, several projects of heavy drums drones. In the U.S., X-47 and Northrop Grumman’s X-45 of Boeing, in Europe — nEUROn. This sets off mass of 10 to 20 tons, said Fedutinov.

The expert found it difficult to name the probable cost of development, but noted that if it will be a Russian analogue of zabugornyh mentioned systems, the amount will be considerably greater than what has been allocated «Transas» for the development of UAVs weighing up to 1 ton.

Languorous drums drones can be attributed to the sixth-generation fighter concepts, said the head of the public council at the Ministry of Defence, the chief editor of the magazine «National defense» Igor Korotchenko.

«Taking into account that the sixth-generation fighter will be completely unmanned, it is faster not to drone on a fighter» — presented expert.

Korochenko explained what is meant by the aircraft, it is built with other combat control systems. «This may be the concept of artificial intelligence, when major decisions are to be applied without the role of man.» The company «Sukhoi» have the ability to develop a new drone, he added. «At the end of the 90s» Dry » already worked through the concept of languid drone, there is already a certain generation. At the moment, «Dry» — A favorite of the world’s aviation industry, including military aviation. «

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