In Australia, the weather continues to rage

In Australia, the weather continues to rageA strong storm caused flooding in the Australian state of Victoria. Rescue teams pulled out of the water 12.
Warning of impending floods produced throughout the state of Victoria. Residents of the western regions should leave their homes and move to safer places, "Interfax".

Recall: the cyclone "Yasi" that hit the northeast coast of Australia before, left without electricity for about 170 thousand homes. Human sacrifice was avoided. Brunt of the disaster came in Townsville, Cairns and Tablelands. The hurricane swept entire neighborhoods, local authorities reported the destruction of 90% of the buildings on the main street in the coastal town of Tully. "Yasi" has also caused damage to roads and farmland.

Cyclone "Yasi" is called the most powerful in this natural disaster in nearly 100 years. At the moment of impact on the coast "Yasi" was given a fifth category — the highest for such disasters. Later Australian meteorologists consistently reduced its intensity to the fourth, third and second category, but the cyclone is still dangerous. Now the cyclone continues to move in a south-westerly direction, approaching the city of Georgetown and Charters Towers.

On Monday, the cyclone hit the coast of Australia, "Anthony", but quickly weakened and did not result in significant damage or casualties. Heavy rains in Australia began in November 2010. In total, the floods killed at least 35 people. In the flood zone were 22 cities and more than 200 thousand people. The January flood, which was called "the biblical flood" was the biggest in 50 years.

By the way, flood damage will be compensated with taxpayers' money. Temporary new tax will be levied from July 1, for 12 months from the persons whose annual income is $ 50 million and above.

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