In Belarus, the Order of Mother Teresa's work only in Gomel

August 26 Catholics around the world celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.

The only city in Belarus, where the works of the Order of Sisters of Mercy House of Mother Teresa — Gomel. Today, the church will be held Gomel solemn mass.

The nuns are in Gomel in 1991. Their mission is to help the poor and homeless people. Sisters organize daily meals for those who need it, razmyarkovvayuts poor families food and clothes, and organize summer camps and Sunday school for children from poor families, care of seriously ill people.

"If the first sisters arrived in Gomel, we went to see the town, and within an hour, they said, God wants us to have here — said in an interview BelaPAN rector of the Roman Catholic parish of the Nativity of the Mother of God Roman Catholic priest Slawomir Lyaskovsky. — Do nurses a special look at things. Year after year we see how necessary their presence: they are the most vulnerable in society, to the people, the poor, not only materially but also spiritually. I know many people who went through the sisters, whom they helped to reintegrate into society. "

Mother Teresa (1910-1997 years) — a wonderful Christian ascetic, founder of the Order of Mercy, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Agnes Gonxha Bayazhyu was born August 26, 1910 in the current Macedonian capital Skopje albanskay family from Kosovo. At 21, she gave the vows and took the name Teresa in honor of the canonized in 1927 by a nun Teresa of Lisieux. In the late 1940s, founded a monastic community in Calcutta, whose activities were aimed at the establishment of schools, orphanages, hospitals for the poor and ill people, regardless of their nationality and religion. In 1979, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Six years after the death of Mother Teresa Holy See has ranked it to the ranks of the blessed. The congregation now "Sisters of Mother Teresa" has 400 offices in 111 countries and 700 charity homes in over 120 countries.

7 years after the beatification of the Roman Catholic Church is still looking for a "comfortable miracle" needed for her canonization.

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