In Bereza destroyed the tower of the Polish concentration camp

In Bereza local authorities destroyed hexagonal concrete tower of the former Polish concentration camp. The destruction of the monument was the efforts of local housing and communal services, the order came from the executive committee, and a few days destroyed the tower. For what purpose were these works — the local administration has not commented. Prior to that, in the area were destroyed by Peter and Paul Church, residential development kartuziyantsav monastery, destroyed the old park.

As for tower, the building is relatively well preserved. In good condition were the main walls that keep the pad with a roof, where observers. The exception was the upper part of the tower. Among other things, it was the last room of the concentration camp, which was built specifically for a concentration camp.

The region is not an isolated incident ruin monuments officials. For example, in high, in the Kamenetz district, destroyed the synagogue. According to historians and ethnographers, the High Synagogue was built around the beginning of the XVII century. It is a brick building with a total area of 176.2 square meters to 1925 he was meeting house of the local Jewish community, and after became a school. Due to its architecture, the old synagogue mentioned many times in the writings of local historians. Now the building is sold to entrepreneurs who are planning to create a car service, or amusement facility. Moreover, the local Bureau of Technical Inventory comment that the synagogue is NOT 1607, and 1936. Yes and no synagogue at all, but, according to the data sheets, "brick building shed."

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