In Chernihiv lightning burned church cross

In Chernihiv lightning burned church cross

29.07.11.Vchera July 28 at p. Hillfort Mensky area about 5 am, and a bolt of lightning hit the cross on the dome of the local St. Michael's Church. It was built of wood in 1887

After a few minutes the scene firefighters arrived. Extinguishing the fire was complicated by the lack of nearby water sources are located. In the water tower water quickly over, but its content did not occur because the village the night before the last day due to weather conditions remained without electricity. So rescuers had to refuel 2 kilometers at the local pond.

One and a half hours it took rescuers to contain the fire and prevent fire destroyed the temple. Hit the dome. The damage is established.

That same night lightning caused the blackout 60 settlements in 6 districts of Chernihiv, without telecommunications was 71 town and there was four more fire.

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