In India and Thailand monsoon gaining momentum

After a brief lull, monsoon again hit by torrential rains in India. During the day on September 14 resulted 483 mm, and for September 15, from 316 to 346 mm. These rains are typical for July, when the monsoon is at its peak, but not for the middle of September — it is completed.

In the sphere of influence of the monsoon is Thailand, where on September 15 received more than 200 mm rainfall. The flood death toll has exceeded 90 people. On Saturday night the Chao Phraya River will bring much water from the north to the capital, where it will flood. The situation is aggravated by the fact that at this time in the Gulf will tide.

For two months of heavy rains according to the Office for the Prevention of natural disasters from floods have affected more than 1.2 million people were under water 30 provinces of Thailand. But the brunt of the disaster was in the north. Including victims and the city Chiang Mai — one of the largest tourist centers in Thailand. Severe floods have affected two tourist center — Phuket and Krabi. Now, the water gets to the central and southern regions of the country. Now the water level in major dams and barrages, built for flood control, ranging from 95% to 102% of the maximum load. At risk of sudden floods are about 600 thousand people.

Geography monsoon high. In North Korea, for two days (September 14 and 15) fell 170 and 183 mm rainfall respectively). Such heavy rains caused by the Mongolian anticyclone, which is worse, and, in turn, exacerbates the monsoon.

Raining in Pakistan. Synoptic situation is developing in the same scenario as in North Korea, with some exceptions. Here, due to the worsening of the monsoon anticyclone, which is located on the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea. To the north of Pakistan for Thursday 15 September resulted 125 mm rainfall.

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