In July, Chinas lightning killed 60 people

According to information from the Department of Disaster Management Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, July 1, in most parts of China due to hail, gales, storms and other disasters are injured and killed, as well as damage to property.

According to statistics from the Chinese Commission to reduce losses from disasters, to 15:00 on July 31 in 27 provinces / autonomous regions and municipalities, /, 179 cities / regions, autonomous districts, aimag /, 680 counties / cities, districts, khoshun / parts Xinjiang Production units PLA compounds in the disaster area were 20,165,000 people, 97 people were killed / 60 of them were killed by lightning / 16 thousand buildings destroyed, 158 thousand homes were damaged, the direct economic loss of 13.28 billion yuan. Quite seriously injured Jiangsu, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Gansu.

According to the report, compared with the average for the same period last year / 2004-2010. / In July 2011, the number of deaths from hail storms and increased by 26.7 percent. Amounts in the disaster area, the area of the affected crops, field area, which destroyed crops, increased by more than 2 times. The amount of direct economic losses increased more than 3 times.

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