In Krupky housing problem fellows achmurae so offended …


Dmitry: "There is easy — the city is clean, near the forest, the river flows Beaver. Bit of work, but there is — we have a lot of PMK," AMKODOR "field processes, a million pay …"

Reporter: "Who will be after school?"

Men: "Plumber mehanazborachnyh works … The pilot engineer helicopters …"

Reporter"What's in this sense shines in Krupky?"

Men: "Nothing! (Laughter.) Do not go back to the same dock — woodworking — pay 200-300 thousand. Work still the same — shoot down pallets, like a woodpecker. You can rest well, the parents arrive. And do not come back to that … "

I notice a teenager with a white-red-white ribbons on his head so his hand. A member of the "Young Front" of Zhodino Sergei Solovyov For several years, began traveling to Krupki to his girlfriend. He paints a broad picture of the local life.

"Those who understand politics, one can see what is wrong. Starting from software: Krupky in all stores with assortment — bread, sugar and wine. UNITY — one for the entire city, with spare parts for the car problem.'s Every train arrives bus or taxi. Historical values — who neither ask, do not know that there is Svyatskov Palace, a former shelter for orphans. watched local elections here — it went with disabilities, and those bureaucratic elite, which had predicted for the positions they have … "

The nearest station to the town, which was asleep, is called "New Life". From here Krupki carry the dead — their existing cemeteries in the village there. Immediately — holiday village, which is in the morning healed usual summer concerns. The pensioner, resident Maria Hvedarava had long been on his feet — on a bicycle drove tomato seedlings in greenhouses.

"I get up in the country to work in three hours later in the afternoon four-bed lying …"

"Or is it old age that we dream about?"

Fedorova"No, to sit with him on the couch, having worked, talk — and so-peramatsyuki mats, just a man spivsya. Retire we need to cut back to one ruble! Then we will walk in the woods, cranberry collect to buy bread. And zhiruet — will receive 560 and gives a heat Oh, another one of our — G. most guys want to get married! "(Laughter.)

Plump and fun-loving G. morning did not lose optimism.

G.: "I still live in hope that I would find a man with whom I will live out a dignified old age …" (Laughs.)

Meanwhile, from Orsha drove my companion — a human rights activist, member of the civil campaign "Our House" Nicholas Petrushenka. We head to the center Krupki where the square on one side — a monument to the astronaut's lifetime Kovalenko, who was born here. On the other hand, in the schoolyard — Partizan Marcinkiewicz. We were approached by a burly, mustachioed guard Mikhalych.

Reporter: "Who in your Krupky more famous?"

"Oh, a lot of — well, they …"

Reporter: "And astronaut Kovalenko, too?"

Guard: "And what good did it? (He laughs.) Well, how come a little shakedown put things … "

Petrushenka: "20 years ago, he threw the identity of the deputy and said that they have agreed. And the fact that Parliament has made to the first white-red-white flag with Lukashenko — do not you know? He is afraid to be provided … "

Guard (Laughs): "All I know — Lukashenko done. All lifts, and agriculture. On the field during and Medvedev went to?"

Reporter: "And if in the village last time?"

Guard: "And now there is no one — 3-5 people, some retired. But the roads are gravel — at least a hundred go …"

At the local market to buy vegetables bred pretty woman — she came first. We met 45-year-old director of a kindergarten, Mrs. Natalia Aksyanovich. She female destiny, which is now a lot. However it came out significant.

"This product assort — potatoes and two and a half thousand. 6 acres at me, three kids, and no man. Husband was afraid that will not pull three children. Did not drink, but went to a wealthy woman — gigolo. (Laughs) We have 60 kindergarten children. salaries lower than teachers — teachers in the 500-600 thousand in head — to more than 100,000. Recreation reduced — from 42 to 30 days. Promise to extend for 3 years … "

Reporter: "Do you believe that Lukashenko really raise your salary at the current situation?"

Aksyanovich: "I'm not mad at Lukashenko. To us it was bad in the country, I would not have raised three children and would not give them a higher education — in inyaze daughter, son at agrainstytutse …"

Reporter: "You want to say that your 600,000 and three buckets of potatoes …"

Aksyanovich: "I'm still selling flowers in the spring — seedlings. Lukashenko gave an opportunity to do that — before we sold, and are now selling …"

Reporter: "How many are paying for their studies daughters — million 600 thousand? A thousand dollars which come from?"

Aksyanovich: "There was a force, I ha of potatoes planted. Kept a cow, pig, sheep, rabbits, goats …"

Petrushenka: "And that Lukashenko was not, you would be selling flowers?"

Aksyanovich: "No, why would such a possibility? First, put things in order everywhere, downtown streets did — tiles laid, not trash lying around. Going on the road — all around vykosheny …"

Petrushenka: "Who'll go to the library and see how many books you read, the …"

Aksyanovich: "Not one! (Laughs.) Subscribed to "Teacher's newspaper", "Security", "Krupski messenger" … "

Reporter: "How did they take the money?"

Aksyanovich"Everywhere! (Laughs.) And bought a car — as though it brought here? Kate, the eldest daughter, currently earning — the camp works …. "

Reporter: "I understand that the presidential election …"

Aksyanovich: "I will vote for Lukashenko — of course!" (He laughs.)


In the 50-apartment building number 39 on the street going to the Soviet advance. History of physical and moral suffering of the people from last time, when the house was built — 17 years ago. And the last decade, they roam the corridors of power and utilities. Do not know what more rotten — the system of government or windows in their homes. Says 58-year-old Mr. Vladimir chirps.

"The house was commissioned in '93 — this is an experimental project. '92 Foreman came here to finish. When I started to
walk around the house, there was a brick, which is not" walked "- had to be ceramic, and here and trumpet, and the silicate . were 18 local people, which is not owned by profession carpenters. PMK-165 Borisov had to disembark. week passed — said the executive committee refused to let them work. Comes Minsk firm "Galovbudpraekt" — and obliquely. started to put windows with disabilities — technical supervision construction stopped several times because the gaps are large, wall curves. Mountains of garbage left and left. Vertical motivated her invitation that taxes will leave in the area. And how is this possible if the firm from Minsk? Some kind of "furry" paw. in the basement kept finishing mixture trailers was not a building site. Few people, unskilled … "

Ms. Malyshev 17 years ago, moved here from Krasnoyarsk. Dreamed of — in the center of Europe. It turned …

"We came to the stone age! Autumn settled on the screen froze soup, cold water in the morning and in the evening there. Hot water for more than a year at war. Smashed windows, insulate. Never thought that this area could be launched in Belarus …"

On the third entrance is retired, Ms. Larisa chirps. In this low, neat, friendly woman, say, an iron rod inside. It is organized residents fight for their rights — the collection of signatures, wrote numerous papers, did not allow to sit at the head offices.

Chirps: "On our home to write a book! Correspondence is '10. Recently went to the executive committee, and they were given until September to finish the house. Do not know will end, because from the ground up to our porch and changed the windows, then have to deny — no money. I took out a loan and changed the 2 windows, where it was 9 degrees in the winter … "

Reporter: "How much power do you promise to give?"

Chirps: "This is something, We'll file for an appointment to the chairman of the city executive committee Omelyanchuk — this is the second and last Wednesday — and go team. But it's pointless — Lily, come here!"

Lily: "They opened the window — trash. And in the bedroom at all numb, if the rain — collect the water …"

Chirps: "Everywhere moisture. Finally there are sanitary station, which is 95% of the apartments. Come visit us at the Ministry of Architecture Expertise 5 years ago. They concluded -" the house unfit for habitation. "When the rain comes, often disconnected electricity and standing water in the basement. You see, brick home side moved, and the people there are cold. We had a cannery, spirtzavod, brick began to build — a lot of red clay for bricks. All companies went bankrupt. I think because of illiteracy manual. We came across this when they started walk — unsubscribe, unsubscribe. And lately did not react at all! "

Reporter: "Larissa K., that gives you the strength to fight with the authorities, windmills?"

Chirps: "I think about the future of their children and grandchildren. Especially since I have a son — disabled since childhood. For him, no one is like — group 2. Retirement 218,000 — as he then live? So even though I respect him — he will continue to be easier … "

In Krupky 20% of homes — with furnace heating and indoor plumbing. However, the worst situation as much from the 50s of the last century — by Chapaev Street. In two barracks live on 7 and 4 families. Do not let gas, water, sewer. Scheduled repairs are not carried out. Pavrostali building to the ground. Here the main, so to speak, the herald of truth — A.: Tamara Assumption. It is the second generation in the barracks — were settled here after the war, his mother, by the way, children's concentration camp prisoner.

Assumption: "There have been asked, — give the most to repair the roof. Daly 8 sheets Schiffer, 0.3 cubic meter lining. Deputy Our vertical Gonchar gives the answer that" all you have done. "Come on, we were allowed to dabudavatstsa. Went in January — could not achieve . May 12 went to Omelyanchuk. said he would commission. 7 July comes architect and Gonchar — "What do you not like it here?" And I have said before — you are here perasyalitsesya and profit. Prompt, I say, what to do to bring water . And then my mother's stroke, she was paralyzed. Gonchar did not even go to the apartment — "decide." comes from the executive committee of a woman — "gas companies will not come to connect, as the roof of the wrong done." There comes a letter — "the project is ready." appears, was up until April 26. signed — I say, I will not … "

Reporter: "But the most important thing — you Alexandrovna, is destined to continue to live in the barracks?"

Assumption: "Yes. They said — all, no one will have to relocate. And no one wants to help …"

My companion Nicholas Petrushenka working in parallel — helping people make statements, according to the "Law on the protection of consumers of housing and communal services", which came into force two years ago. Here are his impressions and conclusions of travel.

"The law does not work. People are not willing to fight, do not want to know their rights.'s See — people 20 years of fighting for the house. Law requires that every tenant must be an agreement. Prior to the agreement — the application with a list of operations that need to to perform. This is not done. new law also requires that the consumer has signed its housing services, When you start a conversation with people in Krupky — all happy, "life is good", "Oh, what a good president!" And then — and then the bad and then. Authority "boorish", "set at naught." But then — "are going to vote for Lukashenko" … "

"What explains this paradox?"

Petrushenka: "People have developed politically — to impose that unless Lukashenko, who else?" Without Lukashenko will not grow potatoes. "Remember the head of the kindergarten — and in fact intellectuals! And she admits to reporters that the only way to see the garden and from the garden, and then — giving, fair sale! She does not work on themselves — proud, he does not read books. seen and a light — a conversation with Larissa chatters. As she says, she and the kids live here, and we have to fight. During the '17 hands are not lowered! Had these people we supported, and would have success … "

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