In Lipetsk region saw a UFO

In this incident there were many witnesses, but all told a completely different, more will be said by different narrators spoke about the details.

Around midnight youth gathered around the village club. There's music playing in many homes the lights. Suddenly lit up the whole neighborhood, all over again decided that the car rides and lights illuminates some of the village, but something too long it lasted. Attention was drawn to yet another strange thing is that the light was not a natural, not like the headlights of the car, and highly bright with a bluish tinge, somewhat similar to electric welding. By the way, if you are interested in the moon and Palmistry, find a lot of information you can on the site

All deliberately went for the club to see what it is. And from that point everyone tells differently. Someone saw a flying saucer with portholes where the light was, someone spotlight. Even said that they saw a humanoid, but do not make out at a distance, especially when very bright light falls directly in the eye. Of course, even the hill and is adjacent to three hundred meters, but these lights could be much more.

Says one eyewitness: "I ran to wake brothers. But when they went out into the street, could only see the silvery glow on the horizon, and as for him beating rays. UFOs had set over the horizon. Brothers, brought down the bike and rushed over there, and bring the receiver, so you can catch interference. Reaching they could only to the river that runs in front of this hill, there is a motorcycle stalled and no longer able to start the engine. Upstairs likewise arrived just before the river. "

A few days later one of the brothers went to the club, it was very cloudy and dark and everything is lit up in green. This light was above the clouds. What is it flew, it was not to make out only the rays of green, as if the sun is shining between the clouds.

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