In Moscow on Friday are expected claby snow and a slight warming

Weather in MoscowSignificant changes in the weather in Moscow on the last working day of the week is not expected — the air temperature does not exceed the mark of plus 4 degrees with a chance of snow showers, the Internet portal "Meteonovosti."

"The coming day in the capital region is expected to mainly clear weather, places will be snow showers. The capital effect of the field of high atmospheric pressure will be more pronounced, so insignificant precipitation," — said in a statement.

According to meteorologists, the temperature in Moscow will rise to 4.2 degrees Celsius, the area will be from 0 to 5 degrees, with the plus sign.

"The average daily temperature is above normal by more than one degree," — the report says.

At the same time, warn meteorologists in the capital continue to icy conditions, ice and icicles.

"Pressure will not change and will remain high — 757 millimeters of mercury, which is eight units higher than normal" — added to the message.

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