In Moscow, the Russian flag for delay

Society activists have decided to carry the Russian flag on the New Arbat, despite the fact that the authorities given permission only to picket the memorial sign at the intersection of Arbat and the Garden Ring. As RIA "Novosti", after the intervention of riot police protesters tried to march on the Garden Ring in the side of the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but again were stopped by riot police.

Boris Nemtsov in an interview with Radio Liberty, said that his march they intended to show respect for our country and its flag, and yet they never stopped anyone.

In St. Petersburg, held an event in honor of the Russian flag — it's concerts, youth and patriotic action-mileage "Under the flag of Russia," and pageantry along Nevsky Prospekt three columns on the colors of the Russian flag, with the actors of the theater "Actors" in the chapter.

Marched and opposition — although their share has not been agreed upon, three dozen members of "Solidarity" and the United Civil Front managed to pass freely from the metro station "Vasiliostrovsky" Palace Square, chanting "Russia without Putin", "Russia will be free" "We need another Russia". In the hands of these was a 30-meter Russian flag.

On the meaning of the action said the leader of the FMG Olga Kurnosov:

— Our flag is the flag of freedom for us, and it is to them and left. Despite the fact that the "United Russia" made of our country police state, we all the same confident that we have the freedom not to take away.

Some drivers honked in support. The action took place without detention.

National Flag Day was established in Russia in 1991 after the August coup in Moscow when the Soviet Union in return for the state symbol — red cloth with hammer and sickle — the first time raised the tricolor Russian flag.


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