In Poltava poison stray dogs: animals die in terrible agony

In Poltava poison stray dogs: animals die in terrible agonyIn Poltava ten dogs died a few hours, gushing into convulsions on the sidewalk, on which people walked. Animals poisoned by throwing them food with poison.
In Poltava stray dogs poisoned, pobrasyvaya them food with poison, from which dogs die in terrible agony.
Often such horrific scenes occur in front of hundreds of people, as, in particular, happened on March 5, when the central market area was poisoned to ten dogs. Some of them were dying for hours, writhing in agony on the pavement, on which there were visitors market.

March 11, according to animal welfare advocates, Poltava again recorded facts of brutal killing of dogs. In the district of Yuryevka poisoning killed six dogs.

In the city the local authorities are concerned about the indifference to the problem and accused utilities in cruelty to animals.

Today, the regional center will continue to collect signatures on a petition to the leadership of the City Council to stop the killing of animals barbaric way, a humanitarian and an example of a civilized solution to the problem of stray cats and dogs.

At the same time, local media released a comment Mayor Alexander Mamaia, who argues that in Poltava, do not kill stray animals, and he even helps himself to their defenders solve maintenance problems, particularly feed. In turn, the volunteers of NGOs called the statement disingenuous.

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