In Russia will introduce a school uniform

In Russia will introduce a school uniformAs we approach the first of September, once parents have weight worries, because every child should be collected in school. However, but in our country wearing a school uniform is still not mandatory in most schools.

If the majority of EU countries are dressed about the same and only a few can feel wronged, we have in this respect the situation is no better. Some of the children are dressed in expensive boutiques, while others are forced to buy only the cheapest clothes.

Today, the 18th October 2012, Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion on the introduction of school uniforms. Buy a school uniform today is a snap, as it is available, as for example, computer or mobile games. The latter sometimes possible to develop memory or thought processes, therefore we suggest you download chess for your phone.

During the meeting, the President noted that in neighboring countries, this problem is solved, though not always successfully, but in Russia no uniforms affects not the best on the atmosphere in the schools and in general contributes to the fact that some children are constantly exposed to ridicule by classmates. He also said that due to lack of school uniforms, some come to school wearing hijab and children are always adequately respond to this kind of clothing.

If the newly introduce school uniforms in all schools, the issue of the infringement of religious minorities will be solved by itself. Simultaneously, the President explained that the country — a secular state, so you must ensure that all citizens feel equal in rights and arose as possible dispute, controversy. A school uniform must instill accuracy children.

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