In Thailand, floods have killed 91 people

The number of flood victims in Thailand has reached 91 people. This is reported by the local media today, noting that in the coming days is expected to start flooding in Bangkok.

Chao Praya river will bring big water from the north to the capital on Saturday (17 September). The situation is complicated by the fact that at this time in the Gulf will tide. Currently staff pumping stations in Bangkok and vicinity vote mode at all times.

For two months of heavy rains, according to the Office for the Prevention of natural disasters, floods have affected more than 1.2 million people. Under the water were 30 provinces of Thailand. While the element of the hardest hit by the north. Suffered, including the city of Chiang Mai, one of the largest tourist centers in Thailand. Severe floods have affected two tourist center — Phuket and Krabi. Now, the water gets to the central and southern regions of the country.

Now the water level in major dams and barrages, built for flood control, ranging from 95 to 102% of the maximum load. At risk of sudden floods are about 600,000 people, according to ITAR-TASS.

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