In the face of disaster

By the beginning of the new year elements raged, breaking millions of people on three continents. Snow storms moved from Western Europe to the U.S. and Russia, causing an unprecedented wave of chaos in all modes. Thousands of flights were canceled in the U.S. are stuck trains, buses and even underground. Snow fell in places where it had not seen for over a hundred years.
In Russia, a rare natural phenomenon of freezing rain, resulting in damage to the mains, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity.

Simultaneously in Australia, located in the southern hemisphere, where has been enjoying the summer, hit the incessant rainfall. They caused flooding, flooding the mine and destroyed much of the crop. The lives of hundreds of people was threatened, they are trying to evacuate by helicopter. Everywhere authorities were helpless in the face of nature. All the horror waiting approach of the new wave of storms.

Nature demonstrates the fragility of what we used to take for granted — the inadequacy of our capabilities and achievements in the face of disasters. Maybe it will make us think about the reasons for such an unpropitious to the nature to us.

Sergei Belitsky

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