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Edward Akulin: "September" — a launching pad for beginners "

The once Ryhor Baradulin wrote a poem that begins with the line: "In September a special smell." In its own way, "smells" and the magazine "September", the second room which has recently come to the reader. And the graphic arts industry, and the content of the new edition — special. Michas Scoble met with the chief editor of "September" Edward Akulin.

Michas Scoble: "Edward, judging by the fact that the second issue of" September "features works by as many as 12 young writers (8 poets and prose writers of 4), the magazine itself forms the image of a sort of nursery of young talent. Or" September "- the magazine for everyone?"

Edward Akulin: "Journal" September "was created as a launching pad for young writers. Therefore, both the first and second non-creative presence of the young — a priority. Generally, two issues of the magazine we published the works of thirty young poets, writers and critics. This figure shows itself for itself. Indeed, "September" can be called a literary nursery of young talent. Moreover, among them well-known to the reader as the names of Vitaly Ryzhkov, Anastasia Kudasova, Igor Kananovich, Valerie Sectional, and absolutely new: Anastasia Kuharenko, Alina Kuzmich, Ales Roach. The good news .. and the fact that the second issue has expanded the geography of the author. When the first issue were mostly capital letters, the second near the Minsk dwellers printed young authors from Gomel, Brest, Grodno, Kiev and Poznan. "

Scoble: "And were willing to cooperate with" September "senior writers?"

Edward Akulin

Akulin: "Very willingly. And for that I thank them sincerely. Close proximity to the pages of" September "young adult authors — this is one of the main concepts of the new publication pans. For young creative growth should take lessons excellence in literary masters.'s Why among the authors' September "the acknowledged masters of the words: Ryhor Baradulin, Neil Gilevich, Anatoly Vertinskiy Leonid Dayneko, Nyaklyayeu, Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk … Since the" September "- bezganararnae edition, I believe that the cooperation with them such famous authors due primarily to concern for the future the fate of the national literature. Borodulin and Gregory, and Neil Gilevich very important to know — who populate tomorrow Belarusian cultural space: the grateful descendants Kupala, Kolas Bogdanovich, or aggressive and cynical literary Red Guards. "

Scoble: "What are the names of the product and, in your opinion — the main asset number two?"

Akulin: "In fact, no one random website in the second issue of" September "no. Get creative residence in the pages of a frequency output twice a year is difficult, but honorable. Yet, when compared with the second issue of the literary house, the foundation it, on my opinion, are the stories of the Nile Gilevich and Tanya Malyarchuk. Poetic porch — verse low Alina Kuzmich and Alexander Emelyanov. Log cabin is kept at maysersku ostrogannyh and matched verses and Vladimir Vasil Zuenko Neklyaeva. Floors — voiced the floorboards of poetic lines Valerie Sectional , Paul Boiarka, Anastasia Grischuk … Windows — sincere, open conversation with the young creators Oksana Danilchik and Alesya Sivokhin. Ceiling — verses of "archival asylum" Larissa Heniyush. Well, the roof — poetic parody Anatolia Sys. "

Scoble: "How to" September "comes to the reader? There already subscribe to the magazine?"

Akulin: "The capital's residents to get acquainted with" September "may be in the office TBM, in the" Academic Book "in the" Book Fair "on Kalinin Street. To the rest of the readers magazine gets in literary meetings, including those that take place in the framework of the cultural event "We Belarusians". By the way, the first presentation of the number 2 will take place on August 30 at 18 o'clock in the office of TBM. So I invite all comers. But in general, in the long term "September" is scheduled to be made available through a subscription. But in order to get into the subscription catalog, you need to conquer the creative credibility with readers, authors, and to rally the editorial staff. For future authors fall our email address: ".

Scoble: "Y" September "attractive design, the magazine is pleasant to take in hand. Who is responsible for his art form?"

Akulin"For the artistic image of the magazine (the cover design, layout information) responsible young artist Yuri Kruglikov. I liked how he designed a series of remarkable book publishing thumbnail" Goliaths "and I offered him a creative collaboration. Incidentally, the design of the first issue of Yuri prepared for record time, but it is in no way affected the quality. second issue turned out not less creative and unique. So what are supposed to be and publishing for young people. merit in this talented artist Yuri Kruglikova bright representative of the Vitebsk art school. "

"Question" with caution. "Leonid Golubovic in the last issue of" House of Writers "skharaktaryzavav the current situation as a" spiritual smog over the country. "They say — do not breathe. And you can breathe easily?"

Akulin: "To live in the spirit I can, of course, difficult, but it is possible. We, Belarusians — patient people.'s So patient, that to this day with persistent obstinacy Bogdanovich forward to the promised 'golden, clear day." And we must not wait, and to approach this Day. And the work and word. To avoid suffocation, not to die, to be called people … "

Authors and works

PAUL Kostyukevich: "Autograph VONEGUTA IN ME HOME frame hanging"

In publishing a series of "Library of the Fatherland," a book of famous American writer Kurt Voneguta "Slaughterhouse number 5" is translated into Belarusian Paul Kostyukevich. Mr. Kostyukevich already well-known Belarusian readers two books of translations from modern Israeli Hebrew letters and a collection of his own prose "pastoral meeting for Truckers. "Today — he was a guest of our studio Minsk.

Valentine Aksak: "Sir Paul, what attracted you to Kurt Voneguta novel" Slaughterhouse number 5? "

Paul Kostyukevich

Paul Kostyukevich: "Translating American literature, and I always wanted it began to translate much earlier Israeli. I then thought that what lies beneath your feet, do not transfer, which I then happily mistaken. But above all it was the desire to translate the works of the great literatures — such as American, French or Polish. And since I know English, I decided to immediately translate Kurt Voneguta. nadennastsyu He called me his perspective for Belarus, which is still the second world war is a cornerstone in the history. Would we like it or not wanted — but it's true. And because the voice of a man who lived through the war, and that has something to say other than the official, very attractive. Here something you can compare Vonetuta
Bykov — a private voice of a man of war. "

Aksak: "In the first section of the novel, the author writes that when he collected the memories of witnesses Allied forces bombing of Dresden (these events formed the basis of" Slaughterhouse number 5 "), the wife of one of his former fighting each other fiercely hated him for what he stirs this painful topic … "

Kostyukevich: "The fact that he wrote Vonegut, not everyone liked it. His book even banned, as far as this is possible in the United States in the first two years after publication. Was hard to digest the truth about the massacre and to understand that the war is sometimes black and white from different angles, and only black on both, both are affected civilians. "

Aksak: "You have translated this book, Vonegut when Kurt was still alive., Or link you to him?"

Kostyukevich: "Of course, zvyazvavsya. Just clean even want to talk through correspondence, but as far as I know, Vonegut not very friendly with the internet. Yet few words I got from him. He wrote me an autograph, which is sent through the New York Belarusian Leon Jurevicha . Mr. Jurevich It is the mediator of our contract with the author about the Belarusian translation. autograph Voneguta And now I have a home in the frame hanging. "

Aksak: "What does it say?"

Kostyukevich: "Aloha successes and address. I got this autograph a few months before his death. "

Aksak: "How did he take that somewhere in the distant small Belarus wants to translate his novel after more than forty years after its release and successful reading in many countries of the world?"

Kostyukevich: "Overjoyed."

Aksak: "Anything else from Kurt Voneguta you are going to translate?"

Kostyukevich: "No. As long as I want to translate something fun. Now I have is on the table," Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe "by Douglas Adams. This is also a fantasy, but a little different than in Voneguta, more adventure." Slaughterhouse number 5 "- it is still psevdafantastyka. Although there is aliens from outer space, but it is still a work in ekzystentsyyu yield, but want something easy to translate now. "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe", I hope, will be the book and it is likely to appeal to the Belarusian reader. "

Aksak"A planned presentation of the book" Slaughterhouse number 5 "and where and when it will take place?"

Kostyukevich: "It is planned in early September at the bookstore" Gallery In. "Hopefully, it will address and other translators and writers. Thing is that now in Belarus, many translated from American literature, and I believe that the Belarusian translator has something to say about it . "

Aksak: "Will you invite someone to the presentation of the American missions in Belarus?"

Kostyukevich: "Will the ad and come yourself. America is a very interesting country in the sense that it is — one of the flagships of freedom in the world, but its literature rather sharply criticized the state government and its policies. And it's probably very appealing to our translators. Subject Human Bondage in society, even free, is very appealing and American writers themselves. It runs through the entire American literature. As John Steynbek with "The Grapes of Wrath" that Kurt Vonegut that Ken Kesey — where each describes his imprisonment, describes a very lively, very convincingly. therefore very beckons American literature Belarusian translators. "

PAUL Kostyukevich. MY front comrade Kurt VONEGUT

Afterword by the translator

As a child, every night before going to sleep I dreamed about how to kill his best friend. During both. With the passage of time has filled the night vision naked women, but from eight to thirteen years old I am, evening by evening, methodically and purposefully killed his best friend Andrew Kuz'menko. I killed him with a shot from a pistol, slowly and finally, with a sour taste in the mouth of pity, which is completely kampensavavsya sweetness of accomplishment that rastsyakalasya somewhere in the middle of the abdomen …

The third world pull up to its logical conclusion: we spent them in a sour apple. In my head, all basically looked like it offered the movie "Terminator": Lazar blyastery, crumpled cyborgs and we are undefeated. I've had good to war, and when all were convinced of my courage, in the middle of the war, I was appointed to be counterintelligence. My best friend shuffled same curve track traitor. Why is this awkward for the role I choose him? First, I was sure that only my best friend who understands everything and almost everyone knows, makes it so very difficult and tortuous role. Secondly, my subconscious somehow zvetryla that heroic dreams, the performance of which yearned for all my insides, extorted a worthy sacrifice, and the person awarded the title of a smaller importance than a best friend, "whether they could meet.

The final scene unfolded at the airport in the European airport. In my mind an old manor "Minsk-1" under zagrymiravalasya something vassal-malyupatskae, maliciously-hostile: a suburb of West German or Dutch. My best friend had stolen the strategic map of the Gomel region, and now intended to adymchats her triumph in New York. Before departure, he raznyavolivsya to the extent that in the cabin "Mercedes" wore leather coat tsereushnaga officer. Traitor worse enemy, so with the words "I like you had a friend!" I pitch to Andrew in the stomach and he was flying nose in the bushes (where they are in the airport?). Dreams that I fully realized that the best friend I will not be until the end of days, but I have no hesitation in repeating killing each subsequent night. My dream was to kill best friend crystal clear as gavnyashki baby. I've killed each other so often that grind up zvinyachay vision of perfection: it was enough to lie down and close your eyes as the tape of my film swirled willingly and in all previous Circuits started again played out perfectly consistent with the tragedy. I fell asleep with a smile on his face ..


However, the murder was not my apafeozam filmamarav. Besides, it was a series. Here I am, on American soil with his military friend, apparently pramatserkay all naked girls, who then, in padletkavstve, napakuyutstsa in my dreams: to us at 21, and we have not even having time to change into civilian clothes, a New York-based private school in perfect English teaching American kids Russian language.

By the way, in my school, I had no doubt that we ourselves learn English just for military purposes, and the like — or what the hell all these vydyganni with «Pass me your money please», «CAN I have your watch?», Why do we have words who would otherwise never have to say, if they will not be heard in the rhythm of the writ, which, all the same as the teacher's pointer, helping Kalashnikov steering?

I thought I was teaching amerykanyatam Russian language in the first days after the victory — an extremely important. After all, children are not to blame and crave this knowledge: the true mathematics, biology and true the same chemistry. However their will, despite the fact that previously it hammered that good — bad and is — on the contrary. I thought that American children need one how to explain it, making it at the proper language of the world — Russia. After this vision I also slept sweetly.


In the 1960-1980-ies in the USSR was so instituted: the holidays schoolchildren sent congratulatory card with the words to some ex-soldiers from another country. My grandfather passed Stalingrad, a postcard sent one student from Ufa. Congratulations began with the words "Hail, my front comrade." Grandfather of the appeal greatly amused, and the history of the Bashkir boy with a letter he later told by many. Judging by the frequency of repetition and his perpetual laughter, the story was one of the few drum jokes that delight and securing human life, so that all that life will be 10-20 pieces, not more. I myself have accumulated many of these valiant anecdotes, for example, a classmate Yuri Liebman, who by order of the physical trainer to come to school with skis — dragged the sledge, and stood with them in the construction, excuses, that simply does not know how to ski.


Then, as a child, I knew that if I held my breath a need, I will not hesitate to give my life for two people: for his grandfather, as well as for Lenin, if he was alive.


My grandfather was a good father and grandfather. But it was her husband could not be worse: adultery with different women, and other abounding annoyance and trouble. Namuchyvshysya, grandmother as a young man to divorce him, which in those days was considered nechuvalym scandalous act. Grandfather as far into adulthood — is holding a second marriage — continued to correspond roughly with numerous lovers, sending them ardent declaration and some money. Before his death, my grandfather said to my mother: "Alia, you know, old age — is the shit! And if you will approve it, jealous with youth has its advantages — the man spit in the face. "


But the lower one paragraph saying also sounded shortly before the death of the speaker. During the Caribbean missile crisis, all the people of earth, metaphorically speaking, on its own initiative pashyhtavalasya stole the Grand Canyon and numb listening to explanations of world leaders who, pointing fingers at each other, shouting race regiment, with an evil petting one of them now all the people together to jump into the abyss. So that's saying that pramovilasya shortly after that the global stage settings:

"Our problems are man-made, and sign up will also be able to unleash their people."

Author — John F. Kennedy. He uttered these words a student at Washington University, six months before his own death. Well, I'm lost in memories, hinted at the kind of man this anonymous statements Kenedevy speechwriter: perhaps the most famous in the world in Minsk resident Lee Harvey Oswald?


He spent his childhood in Minsk, near the children's railway, named in honor of the partisan demolition worker train depot Constantine Zaslonova. I'm open, rolling on the rail, which carries the name of a person whose occupation was repairing trains, and then they padryvanne, was troubled.

On the rail under the supervision of adults working children: child-machinists, children jig, children conductors and station surrounded the Park of Culture and Rest named Chelyuskintsev — sort of a children's forest. Zgetul I have concluded that between Hortense park there are also children of demolition that adults read a brief but informative course bombabudavannya and reykarazburennya.

Near the children's railway razleglasya kinaimperyya "BelarusFilm": shyreznyya pavilions and areas were just nabitkavanyya military equipment since the war. One day, during another unauthorized trips me small ha (lava) cut, one of the whole gang of honorable, fell in a hurry to get into the guard. I was not jealous Morudov his friends just of guns, tanks and aircraft frames I noticed a carriage with carved windows and yellow clown farbovkay, which probably took part in the filming of some children's film. So instead of running away from the chase, made up of blue with barking Tuzikov and couples adtaptanyh — freebies on the ground — tarpaulin boots, I ssherh environment that triumph butaforskastsi. I was captured and led somewhere, I dragged compressed in the wrist rough paw and wrapped in pairs almost palpable to the touch of battle. But I did not care. Let them take, let the police, let the children's colony. Now I do not care anymore, because in my temples throbbed unpleasant discovery: "This studio shoot is not only about the war, but also about all the small stuff."


Recently, I had made for himself retro browsing their children's dreams. It somehow spontaneously happened: small tragedies adult, evening-brained lack of people for whom you are ready to give your life at lightning speed. As a child I vykshtaltavav his vision to perfection, they soon found them in memory and set to "play" with the murder of favorite scenes at the airport and rusyazu teaching in the New York school. Film pastsiralasya somewhere that outlines my girlfriend, respectively, with the current standard of beauty have changed, but everything remained partly on the ground. A little distance themselves looking tart Nostalgia, I suddenly noticed a detalku. In the last moments of the life of my friend, the American zaprodanets, was dressed in a crisp coat of an SS officer, who then seemed to me tsereushnym. But it's still a third of trouble, because abgledevshy scene in an American school, he noticed that I myself,
as mine was then, for life, love, too, dressed in a little hackneyed, but the leather is very, very fascist uniforms of the SS officers! Of course, they syarpastyya hammers in their buttonholes, only that I spadkaemny beeseserchuk not discern from the Soviet SS dress uniform?

Of course, at the heart of his delusions was before a spectacular fashion. It so happened that in the post-war films about the war until the Soviet and the American form of the Second World remained the same as it was before, fascist from film to film became more fashionable and extravagant. And the best part — you do not upgrade the form of committed Germans (after the war, they generally prefer not to shoot films about the war), then part of filmmakers were busy winning: Hollywood studios and belarusfilmavtsy. Kamednyya breeches under the scissors and sophisticated Minsk Santa barbaric kastsyumerav gradually turned into a pants-elegantat and Nazi eagles seemed to become vyshtukovvats pure platinum — so they shone in the frame, to the same scenario paradkavalisya such a way that every other German military turned out resinous glaze-SS men. Thus, the fascist light industry of my dreams just did not want to keep up with the fashion world and from head to toe sewed ghostly characters by modern standards.

And pareshtu want to strongly point out that I do not personally responsible for the horrors of the war that took place — the world listen carefully — even before I was born. O Lord my God! I have done nothing wrong and this is not going to zanurvatstsa own guilt complex or something like that. And when I was too trailer, I'd grown Earthman tell insistence on centuries of experience and proven shmatsotgadovym remark: «Fuck you all! / Fuck you all! … ". I wonder who dream of killing the children now?


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