In the Leningrad region Kirishi smell of hydrogen sulfide

Photo: saint-petersburg.ruAccording to the editors 47News reader Vitaly, "in the streets of the city of Kirishi in the morning today, a strong odor, presumably — hydrogen sulfide. Builders in the street could not breathe. As you know, the city is close to the refinery "KINEF" from time to time it happens emissions. Some workers Rescue Service advised to move out of town. Most of the chapters of the city and district in Kirishi no longer live, preferring to villages further away from the plant. " "We are suffocating!" — Outraged Vitali.
Actively discussed this theme in local forums. "Reeks of the Youth. On the street there is not, the children in the kindergarten had to quickly start with a walk into the room. Although the room is not better, "" Yes, it's weird, the smell appear and disappear abruptly, as though the wind was, and has remained the same. The smell was terrible, people are really getting bad, "" In the area of utter Cougars stink. Planned gas attack on the population? "- Written citizens.

As explained told 47News Chief Medical Officer for the Leningrad region Kirishsk Alexander Nemov, indeed, according to the technology used at the plant periodically emit hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide. "The technology is designed so that the emissions occur during the warmer months. Now cold, and it turns out that the emissions as if pressed down closer to the ground, and so people feel bad. In addition, the wind direction — from the factory, "- said Nemov. However, according to him, during the day in working mobile environmental laboratory, which found that all the indicators are in the maximum allowable concentration. "Bad smell will go out of the city itself, when it will be little more than a strong wind. On health it will not change ", — assured Alexander Nemov.

The duty of the Administration of "Kirishsk area" explained that people feel not the gas, and aromatic hydrocarbon, which it is added in order to be able to detect leaks.
The administration Kirishi advised to close windows and report the presence of odor-duty officer with the address. Officials promise that such complaints will not be left without attention.

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