In the village of RTS — villagers from Florida but from Tallinn to Murmansk


Tsimashkov: "Such analogues I have never seen in our country!"

Mr. Leonid Tsimashkov in 90 three times was a member of, say, the smallest town in the country — permanent residents are only 17 people. However …

Tsimashkov"Tell me, where can meet Lyudmila Mironova of the State of Florida, USA, Sasha Savitsky of St. Petersburg, St. Michael Lena from Smorgon at the same time? It may now be only here in the village of Rs. Tolochin In the area there it since 1950. Then in each region should be machine-tractor station. And in the 58th MTS has been transformed into technical repair. were set up workshops, barracks for the workers. In 1956, the first house built Sipakov Ivan Petrovich raised seven children — four of them were on this holiday. We were at Zvyanyatskay yes Kochanowski schools. And the idea was to gather all the people who lived in the 50's and 60's, that of 50-60 years. To recall their youth, parents, friends, neighbors. in 2007 — There were about 10 meters, and in 2008 — about 40. At this year's celebration of the village — close to 60. Those who could not come, tried to send a telegram. Valeria Scherbo A call from Tallinn that next year on the last Saturday in July will be here for his native land … "

Witness — the next day saw no postalkagolnuyu void, but the overwhelming sincerity and a sense of joyful unity in the eyes of the participants. In a time when people are feeling, perhaps more than ever disconnected and lonely thing that has occurred in the village of RTS, is already being called "phenomenal." Galina Petrushenka, head Tolochinsky regional branch of the party "Fair World", also not restrained emotion, saying that here these days to produce "the most important policy."

Branch: "I was struck by the fact that people will come from everywhere. No booze — a feast staged! And the songs and dances, and brought gifts. And the" Our House "was present — an American with such gusto cap with this name took! Together for 'united . the way it should be in Belarus — not from the government that it is a stupid rule. And take, gathered from all corners of the earth, and the power does not even know that this day celebrates the village! "

Mrs. Osipovich seventies already arrived in Murmansk with her husband — all his life he went to sea. Behind the house where she was born, looked after relatives and neighbors. When I heard from my mother tongue, the woman's eyes moisten. Timidly asked — can you talk to her and "our way." Of course, Lily Efimovna!

Reporter: "The more expensive your village, the people who lived, the years that have passed?"

Osipovich: "Very expensive. Arrived at 7. Went to school on foot 3 km on the fields. My mother was a librarian — all important read and understood. Kochanowski's father was the chairman of the village council and twisted everything. Dining room was, worked together mechanics, mechanics …"

Reporter: "Yesterday got up and remembered the case that the most memorable in the RTS. What do you remember?"

Osipovich: "Those people who are now both live. Looking at their children, heart ached. And the joy from the fact that they occurred …"

Reporter: "I just came from Zalesje where established Oginski" Farewell to the Fatherland ", and you — a date with the homeland …"

Osipovich: "Of course, we have family in St. Petersburg — could stay, but pulled their homes, these dandelion — wow! Forest was beautiful — my mother zakotvala mushrooms. Parents are buried — the native land! And eat it with air. Went to the house — and feel: "At home." Lyudmila from America yesterday there was — said that there is arranged, but sits on the balcony, looking at the ocean, and thought here … "

However, the coordinator of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" by Leonid Tolochinschine Tsimashkova I asked,

Reporter: "With the PTC went to America, Europe and the Soviet Belarus, Lukashenko arrived in Belarus. How do they perceive it?"

Tsimashkov: "I would like to recall that the said Luda Mironova — went to the U.S. for more than 20 years ago. Us, they say, are considered" enemies of the people "for what was left of the Soviet Union. But the story of globalization have put their point. Surprising in today's Belarus, its economic situation, the fact that people are afraid to express their opinions out loud that you can not tell the truth about the officials or managers of farms, a frenzy of power, militseyshchynu … "


I was lucky to catch one of the main organizers of the zavadatarak and is now here say the revival of Rs. Ms. Lilia Scherbo works in the metropolitan system of consumer services, in 2000 was recognized as "Minsker of the year".

Reporter: "The smallest village — and such a great love for the native land. How to save?"

Szczerba: "Probably once nedagulyali! (Laughter.) And wanted to come back here again — dancing until morning. This is the place where you are at home. I'm going to Minsk, will drive much, I say — I'm going home. The food here from Minsk — going home. It means a lot! Somewhere in the middle of July pre-start to call everyone. Meeting? See you! Chose the house under the beautiful old lime tree, where cozy and nice. During the first meeting was a proposal to tell who was who. But not by name, but the houses were called. Ladies are not separated from the people. As children. They remembered the most fun events of childhood — our rage at Midsummer. We do not have a director and a script — all remember. And memorable toast, and the music of our youth — this is great! Many came with children, and the "grandchildren" village were separately — they, too, was something to remember. Now dispersed, no longer thinking will be a holiday or not — give the job to one another, just to have enough strength and health to meet! And it is important that indigenous grandmother live here still — like our mothers … "

Aunt Shura"Thank God that the guys Savitsky and Lily Scherbo us old people invited. Nicest agitators! And we had fun!"

Reporter: "How is life when the holiday disappears? "

Aunt Shura: "Boring, because people do not have died …"

This is the Aunt Shura blocks, one of 17 indigenous life support is believed to be a dying village with ironic Soviet name. Naturally, neither the farm or production is not left. Lonely woman had a sip of the darkest of modern life.

Aunt Shura: "Oh, take out robbers!, A man named Arthur came out of jail, and steal everything in the garden — flowers lily pavybrav most expen
sive. A week later, strawberries and strawberry out of shrink film. A week later, again at night — peppers. And the fourth time has come — already high tomatoes were in a greenhouse cucumbers. And the film took expensive. Near neighbor Lily — she has planted a botanical garden. Pavybrav her young apple trees, the flowers are beautiful. Roses dug dear to the fair … "

Reporter: "And what about the police?"

Aunt Shura:
"We address every week. Protocols write — we were bored of them! However, somehow took it to the house late at night. About Me not admitted, and that Lily stole Vasilenok trees and sold in Orsha — yes. And the police let go of it … , initiating a criminal case. My brother stayed. went to 12 nights. At 7 am — a new film again not. Went to the chairman of the executive committee. Went to the train — even the one Arthur sits the downed person. called in the police. do not know, found but is not yet to us … "

Human rights activist Nicholas Petrushenka recalled a recent story that discussed all Talachynshchyna. For obvious reasons, do not call names.

Petrushenka: "Lives there a family. His mother worked on the farm, he worked on the railroad, and they have two children with disabilities. Bednenko Living. Authorities burn plan for the rehabilitation of alcoholics. So they took on the orders of the woman, to be a" drunkard "and have reported Top that "reform." So not only — the "good" experience drove imitate Deputy Attorney General and Minister of the Interior. A woman read about me in the newspaper — hell yes die. nation rose — she had never drunk! And addicts prylavchylisya spring vegetable gardens to sow poppy seeds, and then assembled. Who does not "make friends", laying the police … "

Still, the atmosphere is not ostentatious, but sincere and real, there is little optimism where you will meet. Elder RTS, a 60-year-old Ms. Valentina Yushkevich I found on the roof of the house — the attic cleaned up debris. After learning about the purpose of the conversation, quickly went downstairs.

Yushkevich: "The village is not going to die! Children inhabitants RTS devoted little of their land. Houses are not sold, the village lives, thanks to the memory of the children, our kernel — Savitsky, Scherbo Sipakovoy. This is the love for the motherland! They would not want to go home for days. I would advise this tradition revival transferred to the whole of Belarus! "

Reporter: "Let the happiness of the little village of RTS lasts for ever!"

Yushkevich: "Thank you!"

I was waiting for the train to Minsk, as appeared on the platform already familiar Leonid Tsimashkov.

Tsimashkov: "Vitali, residents of the nearby village Kohanovo decided to hold a similar festival on September 25. I think that the holiday RTS, which exists for several years, will be the foundation for the future of the association" Browse. "To former residents of the settlements met, had a cultural and educational ties. As the coordinator of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" a dream to extend this initiative to the entire country — our native Belarus … "

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