In the west of. Sumatra landslide occurred

On the day after Christmas in a small village, relating to the area of South Solok, in the west of Indonesia. Sumatra landslide occurred. This natural phenomenon was triggered by prolonged rainfall that persisted for several hours. At the time of the landslide-bye to life three locals, who caught up with misery at home. Two of them were children.

In the west of.  Sumatra landslide occurred

December rains caused landslides in other parts of West Sumatra. According to the National Agency for dealing with natural disasters, several episodes were recorded in Pasamane, Agame and Tanah Datar. Fortunately, in these areas were no injuries. But landslides still left damage in the form of more than a dozen trapped and flooded homes. Having lost their homes, 15 families were forced to evacuate Pasamana.
Showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon before flooded Indonesian region Dampa. There were hundreds of submerged cabins. As a result, more than 2085 people became refugees and forced to seek shelter. Landslides and floods — two fairly common type of natural disasters in Indonesia during the rainy season, but each time it is a terrible ordeal for the population.

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