In Venezuela, more than are killed in Iraq

Last year in Venezuela, there were more than 16,000 murders.

Residents of Caracas joke, writes The New York Times, that they no longer lived would be safe in Baghdad. In 2009in violent deaths in Iraq killed about 4650 people.

Venezuelans are already used to horrific statistics of violent deaths in the country. Venezuelan authorities for some time ceased to publish the official police data on homicides. But the number of homicides in Venezuela, from year to year. Non-governmental organizations estimate that since, as President Hugo Chavez came to power in 1999, the country has killed more than 118,000 people.

A large number of dead from this number — just random people who died from stray bullets fired by the killers during the assassination or mafia showdown.

Caracas — the most dangerous for the life of the great cities of Latin America. Each year, for every 100 000 residents here have 200 murders. For comparison, the figure for the capital of Colombia, Bogota — 22.7 murders 100 000 people, to the greatest city in Brazil Sao Paulo — 14 kills to 100,000 people.

According to experts, the reasons for the increasing number of murders in Venezuela — are varied and complex.

One set of reasons — economic. The economies of other Latin American countries are increasing, the Venezuelan economy — is declining. The gap between the poorest and richest parts of the population still remains strong, despite the numerous anti-poverty programs, which carries out the socialist government of Hugo Chavez.

Second, as assessed in the hands of Venezuelans — millions of pieces of illegal weapons.

Third, the police in Venezuela — a group of low-paid work. Many of the police, to earn extra money, angazhuetstsa in criminal activities such as kidnapping for ransom.

According to some experts blame for the growing wave of murders and the government itself, which tends to politicize and subjugate the judiciary. A lot of highly qualified judges and all officials who did not want to submit to this politicization, were forced to leave the service, or even the country.

To somehow stop the growth of criminality, the Venezuelan government Lately organized so-called "Bolivarian popular militia" that training center experts and advisers from Cuba and Nicaragua — two Latin American countries, where the number of crimes traditionally held low.

National debate on crime (in Venezuela is not disclosed, more than 90 percent of crimes) broke out in the country with renewed vigor after the recent publication on the front page of the newspaper El Nacional in Caracas morgue shot, which shows a dozen bodies of people killed in the capital over the last two days.

The prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit against the newspaper and the court banned the publication of publishing such images of victims of violent death.

The government also wants to investigate the case of clip "Rotten Town", a song where the Venezuelan singer of reggae music scene planted the death of a child from stray bullets.

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