In Vietnam extinct Javan rhino

Javan rhinoIn Vietnam, there is not one individual Javan rhino, according to report, published on its website, "the WWF." Hope that found in 2010 with a sawed-off dead rhino horn was not the last, was not justified. The analysis of excrement found in 2011, found that they all belonged to the same rhino.

Representative of "the WWF in Vietnam," commented on the results of examination, said: "It is painful to realize that, despite the huge amount of effort and money spent on maintaining populations of rhinos, save this unique animal failed. Vietnam has lost part of its natural resources," transfers "Interfax".

Javan rhinos were almost completely lost as a species in Vietnam by the middle of 1970 as a result of war and poaching. However, in 1988, was again spotted a small population. Conservation organizations take a few, but by 2004, only two of the species to survive in a national park in Vietnam.

One reason for the complete destruction of this species is called the people's faith in the miraculous power of the Javan rhino horn, he is actively used in traditional oriental medicine.

To date, the Javanese rhinoceros — is the smallest rhino species on earth, according to some experts, and is the smallest species of mammal.

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