India: Munambam — the sea and the land playing hide and seek

Kochi: The onset of sea erosion — regular seasonal phenomenon in the piece. Kerala in India (Kochi — a city in the Indian state of Kerala, a major port on the Malabar coast of the Arabian Sea — annotated. Translator). So receding coastline. However, the recent high level retreat on the beaches Munambama, Cheraya and other baffled both experts and locals.

"In the past, the boats usually come to the shore to this point," — says Varghese Kurishingel, pointing to the land on which it stands.

Over the past few decades, the shoreline receded Munambama particularly fast because of accumulated sand, as told by local fishermen.

In 2009, the city government units. Department of Kerala Tourism Development built the park, came close to the newly formed land.

Local residents report that the earth was formed after the breakwater was built here. Breakwaters — devices made of stone in the sea, built to prevent water flow and limit the movement of sediments.

"It happened after the construction of the breakwater here. Previously, there was an accumulation of sand, but later waves sweep it, "says Varghese,. A few miles from Munambama, another breakwater into the sea. This part of the beach Azhikode-Munakkel, there also have been accumulated acres of land. 400-acre island is the result of too Puthuvypeen transgression is less than half a century. "Invasion" of the sea and erosion — regular seasonal phenomenon. Accumulation of sand is usually temporary. But Fr. Puthuvypeen-exception. While the beaches Munambama, Cher and other sea comes more and more, in Chellanum the contrary, there is an excess of sand "- said prof. KS Kurushan, former Dean of Fisheries College Panangade (Panangad — something of a coastal rural settlement in the piece. Kerala — annotated. Translator).

Munambam in terms of the land question, might be a very good place to many, but it is not so. Airy house Prendzhi is less than 500 meters from the park Munambama, but her house could be flooded at any time. Waves lapping at her home, is threatening to engulf him. Breakwater — the only tool that protects the house from violent waves during storms.

A few years ago Airy life here was very different. "Before, a lot of land around it. And now one water ", — she said.

Residents recall that the sea is a lot to absorb. "We were in the cemetery, but the sea is captured and" — says Varghese.

"Our land was left there," — says Airey, indicating Azhikode beach, directly across the sea. "The conditions for a stay on the coast deteriorated. Earlier, at the time we collected the shells, which brought us quite a decent income, "- she said.

"If someone is drowning, the body gets stuck between the rocks in the absence of sand. We often find the body only when it is already starting to decompose, "- she says, standing next to a wooden shed, which was destroyed by sea last week.

Sea water destroys buildings

July 26. Berhampur (Berhampur — a city on the west coast district of the Indian state Gendzhem Odishi — annotated. Translator): the last time the people of Podempaty Gendzhema witnessed natural fury. After the tidal sea water entered the village for the last 4 days. Although there are data on accidents are not available, however, 3 houses were washed away. The owners of these buildings have lost all their possessions. Local official Keeshan Kumar sent for distribution cutting polyethylene and other assistance for the restoration of buildings. For people who are not new disasters that are natural to the proximity to the sea. In the past, the local administration has proposed moving the villagers to a safer place. However, the people rejected this proposal because new location was too far from the coast. The administration is trying to solve this problem, says Kumar.

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