Infection. The enemy is within us watch online

Infection.  The enemy is within us watch online
Exciting scientific detective Paul Lobkova. It seemed like years of plague epidemic and disease have long been forgotten, but infection again raises its head. Initially, the creators of a new scientific detective "Infection. The enemy is inside us, "put in front of him to tell the puzzle just how evenly, step by step, conquered the people of bacteria as figments of quarantine, vaccination and medication. But life led Paul Lobkova change plans … Pavel Lobkov, the creator of the project: "When the shaft of news on swine flu epidemic has overshadowed all off, I realized — and this epidemic, we have to tell. Surprisingly, in whatever century infection does not occur on civilization, man has always behaves prototype, no matter what kind of gun is in his arsenal. government secrecy is always a feast traders panic population, ball obscurantist offering cheap panacea. Because such parallels the current epidemic and those already otbushevali, appeared to me very timely. "On how her man hands make for himself a mortal danger, as by changing the environment, it brings to life a new deadly unsafe bacteria, how the Soviet Union concealed the tragedy on the production of bio weapon, and it is now capitalizing on new epidemics — look in a new exciting scientific detective Paul Lobkova.

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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