Internet cafes are less

Belarus has reduced the number of Internet cafes. The reason — the tough conditions for registration of users and restrict access to certain sites. These obstacles have arisen after the decree number 60 Lukashenko, "On the regulation of the national segment of the Internet."

About the new conditions in which there have now Internet users, today recognized regional correspondents of "Freedom."


Internet cafes have turned into gambling clubs

Mogilev region, as in other regions, the presidential decree number 60 has complicated the procedure of customer service internet cafe and collective points of Internet use "Beltelekom." The fate of private Internet cafes indefinitely.

With the realities of the new rules of the Belarusian public use of the Internet in Mogilev today faced a Russian citizen. In paragraph using the Internet "Beltelekom" he stated categorically ":" No passport or other document — no internet ":

try to limit the matter of making it impossible to distinguish …

"This is just ridiculous. When I'll give them a passport, that they will follow where I get on? It's pointless, in my opinion, because the Internet — is the World Wide Web, and it is for everyone. Who does not — he goes here. They apparently trying to limit the matter of making it impossible to distinguish. If I want to, I'll go elsewhere. Nothing, now go look for a passport and still will climb anyway "- outraged guest of the Russian Union.

One of the points of collective use of the Internet "Beltelekom

The fact that access to the Internet from public platforms now required documents, causing discontent among themselves and Mogilev, especially in young people:

Young Man: In my opinion, it is completely unreasonable to use the Internet to present a passport. Why would a man ever to carry a passport? "

Young Man: "I do not know what guided our state. If a person wants to do something, he can do it at home and not go there."

The fact that the decree has complicated service, and recognize in the Internet cafe. Regulars, however, already accustomed to and come with passports, said an employee of one of the internet cafes:

"And as for visiting, here it is difficult to say, since the summer is always different minimum visit. This can be say, when to start the school year the students, since the majority of our customers — it is the students."

Journalist Alexander Burakou studied the situation with private internet cafes in Mogilev after he started to act presidential decree number 60. His conclusions:

"It is actually an internet cafe, which was just an internet cafe (there is not a private one in Mogilev), they have turned into gambling clubs. At present, there were only public points of Internet use" Beltelekom. "And they are not what the city enough, but there is good if fifty percent of seats occupied, as there require a passport. "

Grodno region

"Why everyone should know that I get online? '.

The Grodno region in all regional centers of Internet cafes act only on the state enterprise "Beltelekom."

In the online club down the street Ozheshko in Grodno talking to a young girl who just use the internet and took away his passport.

She said with displeasure that now need ten minutes to write off data from your passport, then to five minutes to use the Internet and send a letter to a friend.

Girl: "The authorities are struggling to control the lives and the Internet: the houses controlled via modems, IP-address, and then there's got control over free users in Internet cafes."

In a private Internet cafes girl who sells Internet services, my question is immediately answered that the number of users has decreased. People are outraged by the introduction of requirements to submit passport. In her words, many visitors said they did not want to control their privacy.

We now have a special program, and she writes of what sites a person walks …

Girl: "We now have a special program, and she writes of what sites a person walks. And when it comes to some sort of test, then they can all see exactly when and on what sites people came and how much has stayed there."

In the district centers of private internet cafes absent. And in Internet clubs of the state enterprise "Beltelecom" usually answer that initially the number of visitors has declined and now, they say, because the people have no choice, again restored. Here, for example, I was told in Navahrudak.

Woman: "You know, the first two weeks were a lot less people, and now once again started to come."

Reporter: "And the fury people have expressed to you? '.

Woman: "Yes, yes, shouting, on what basis should present a passport, and why everyone should know that I go to the Internet?"


Minors without passports were left without Internet

Once popular private internet cafes in Brest today no longer exist. Get access to the internet is possible only at the points shared Beltelekom.

In paragraph shared Beltelekom the street Masherova access to a computer is easy. Visitors here a little bit. The main thing that a passport with you. Recently, people obviously decreased, says the administrator of the club:

even children affected by this new law …

"Decreased a lot of users of our services. Regarding the response of the need passports, many visitors simply outraged. Not all carry a passport or have a driver's license. Besides previously came to us a lot of children do not have passports. Now closed to them access to the Internet. So even children affected by this new law. "

But in the PAC Beltelekom on Sovetskaya the number of visitors has hardly changed. Although with 30 computers, almost half were free. Administrator says it is some kind of disturbance on the need for a passport is not:

"Now everyone knows that the passport is required. Because come to work with documents. Visitor numbers quietly dropped. Initially, many were very surprised by these innovations. But apparently used to."

Laptop owners are able to use wi-fi, which are Beltelekom and mobile operator MTS. In Brest, there are six such places. However, the Internet is not free. Some of the items are working in hotels, such as the hotel "Belarus". The new decree virtually no impact on the number of visitors here, says the manager:

"We are basically selling access to residents of the hotel, so we have all the data they have immediately. These rarely come to the citizens."

User point of wi-fi near Brest CUM believes that innovation on the one hand and have a positive, but on the other hand focused on the control of the citizens:

is an attempt to control …

"On the one hand, this may contribute to solving crimes in the network. But on the other side of the news the first time I took a very negative way. Why submit their personal information to the operator? Previously, you could easily buy a card to access the Internet.'s Good that I almost always car
ry a passport. But I think that this is an attempt to control. Yet, despite this, I and many of my friends, just choose the wi-fi. Here, speed and even more or less. Not that paragraphs collective to use. "

Speed Internet access at border communities Beltelekom not possible to watch movies, download something. There is a large demand for mobile internet.

Vitebsk Region

In the computer section — hand writings

Accounting documents in Vitebsk paragraphs collective use of the Internet does not correspond to modern technology: Even if the computer operators are making customer data into a thick notebook overall. It takes a lot of time, in addition to the papers all the time any problems arise.

For example, in a private Internet cafes can start up with a photocopy of the passport, and the state agency — no complains Administrator in terms of Internet use, in the street of Cosmonauts, not far from the train station:

Up to 10 years of age are told not to let …

"Photocopy impossible. We even complaints on that score — the Russians complained. Nationals Russia even with the rights can not be — only a passport. And our — certificate, license, student card. All fixed — a decree of the Minister and the President. If the kids — that on birth certificate allowed, and up to 10 years of age are told not to let him in! "

If clients try to resent such conditions, Administrator fully shared their dissatisfaction:

"And think we like it? Wow, we do not like. Earlier bang-bang and all, and people were more. Writings And now this, and all! And the plan: we are now in a double shift only do that for the earlier half done! "

Those who work in government settlements "Beltelekom", say the number of visitors has fallen, but no talk of closing or reducing the institutions yet. Private traders worse and convinceddministratar Internet cafes "M-One":

"We are here to do anything we can not, it's not that we come up with. If your computer without internet charge, does not require a passport. And the Internet without documents provide the right not to have."

Administrator says that the number of visitors to Internet cafes dropped by about half. A historical data on clients no one has never demanded:

"If a request comes, then give. But more requests come. And we just write."

The salvation of the privateers in such a situation were small tricks: for example, in Internet cafes "Zodiac" admitted that regular customers do not need a passport — just copy the old information. And not a very close eye on children when they come with a certificate of birth: still there still there, and Vasya Petrov instead of the computer can be easily put Kohl Ivanov when he lent the document to another. If only Koli Wasi paid money.



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