Iranian tanks and Samsam Zolfaghar passed «optimization»

Iranian tanks and Samsam Zolfaghar passed  

Ground forces of Iran February 4, 2013 held a demonstration of improved versions of its own main battle tanks Zolfaghar (Zulfiqar) and Samsam, reports citing Jane’s publication
According to the Army Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Iran Reza Purdastana (Ahmad Reza Pourdastan), «different characteristics tanks underwent optimization» so that became Zolfaghar on certain characteristics surpass Russian T-72.
Iranian tanks and Samsam Zolfaghar passed

Iran Army Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Purdastan (Ahmad Reza Pourdastan)
Details of tank modernization Zolfaghar not specified. According to A. Purdastana, batch creation of «optimized» machine will begin after approval of the Chief of Army Staff of Iran.
In turn Samsam received meteorological sensors associated with the fire control system, laser detection system also primeoperedatchik system «friend or foe».
Zolfaghar Iran is an attempt to create their main battle tank. It was the first time demonstrated the public in 1994, and began mass production car in 1997.
There were three versions created Zolfghar, different set of weapons, engines and protection. It is believed that the development of Iran Zolfghar components and assemblies used by U.S. tanks M48 and M60, also from the Russian T-72.
Zolfaghar-3 resettled Iranian version Russian caliber smoothbore gun 2A45 125 mm with an ejector and autoloaders, advanced fire control system, a modified suspension and engine, and a laser rangefinder. In addition, the tank is armed with machine guns, 7.62 and 12.7 mm.
Partly covered armored tank wheel trailers. Tank is capable of speeds up to 70 km per hour, and its progress in store is 450 km. Meanwhile, Samsam tank is a modernized version of the South American M60.
He is armed with 105 mm cannon, machine gun 12.7 and 7.62 mm, capable of speeds up to 48 miles per hour, and its progress in store is about 500 km.

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