Is capable of following the program, then counted out!

Average passing grades in high schools in This year, down, there is a tendency to reduce assessments on a centralized testing. But admission to universities, according to the leaders of the education system, corruption is eradicated.

2-3 years Belarus will vyprobovvatstsa enrollment in computer-aided schools. Minister of Education and Chairman of the Council of the Republic today summed up the opening of the campaign.

Chairman of the State Commission to monitor the progress of training and the opening campaign Anatoly Rubinov believes that corruption in the education system eliminated:

"I would also like to stress that corruption is actually and practically eliminated. Year everything was clean and beautiful."

According to the former rector of the European Humanities University professor Vladimir Dunaeva, in a centralized testing has its pluses and minuses:

Dounaev: "To say that it gives a deeper appreciation of knowledge, it is a moot point. But the fact that it distributes students rated on a national scale — really good. Centralized testing results show, on the other hand, that in fact the situation in the middle education is even worse than it showed themselves representatives of the school. "

Drop in average pass rate — about 2.5 compared to last year. There is a tendency to reduce indicators of DH: physics below 20 points surrendered 73%, Maths — 62%. On some low-specialty, for example, in the Pedagogical University — shortage, they took everyone who applied for, even with the meager points. There are problems, celebrate and Anatoly Rubinov and Education Minister Alexander Radkov. But how to solve them, do not come to a consensus

Roubini: "People come from 56 points! 56 points out of 400 What a specialist of such a person get?

Rad'kov: "Well, do not learn the program, then counted out!"

Rubies, "So no one did not deducts it too complicated question. Because expelled — is losing money. Question than complex: on the one hand, the tuition support schools. But, on the other hand, we do not have to pay for this low the quality of training. "

The difference between state employees and taxpayers to some degree — more than 200 points. For example, in the translation department of the Linguistic University on the budget had to score 355 points or more on a paid department enrolled 135th, and the number is three times more than the budget.

According to the minister Radkova, "For us, it would be simpler and easier for directors as if we were taking fewer students for higher pay. Indeed, the Cambridge training — from 20 thousand dollars. And we educate not worse but how to refuse a man, if he wants to learn? For his funds. Well refuse? "

There are problems with the enrollment of beneficiaries. Anatoly Rubies gave an example: "In the BSU on the specialty" Political Science "on the budget form of education pass rate of three hundred and forty-eighth out of the competition A exempts orphans even credited with 119 points. colossal difference of more than 200 points. Moreover, benefit recipients have taken to this profession 40 % of budget places ".

Officials have admitted that at last, and Belarus intends to introduce a system of automatic enrollment in higher education. Anatoly Rubies says that the task: "Next year is not administered, of course, but to develop a system of automatic enrollment. When a person says, wherever he wanted — and calls the 5, 7, 10 of its priorities. And then he passed exams, and the computer, program issues, he goes on points or not.'s this system if we develop, we will be 100% without any human intervention is a fair system. "

Opinion of the ex-rector of Yerevan State University Vladimir Dunaeva"This is the right way. And it is very unfortunate that so far this has not happened. What is the system working so that the flow of the child for the parents turned to stress, in the race. This is a right step in the right direction. Thank God, at last Ministry of Education, then realized that it must be done. "


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