Is it possible to force the West to hear Russia?

On the days of Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian diplomats, stating that it was necessary to act more actively in the development of a positive style of. The President stressed that the image RF abroad is now being formed is not very far away Russia, and so very often this image has a distorted view.

With this hard to argue, because often "demonization" of the Russian Federation comes to such extremes that it is difficult to imagine myself in general, from the creators of the strategy of "demonizing" draw their own, so to speak, inspiration. All that more resembles a huge political "black» PR, which own aim is to throw Russia with competitive positions in the world. West, well, not only, by the way, the Western press, uses his extensive media resources to form an idea of the townsfolk have zabugornyh RF no differently as a country that is trying by all means to resist global development, and that puts a spoke in the wheel of the "great" of democratization, remaining on the protection of authoritarian values. For obvious reasons, after a series of reports "interested" in the media zabugornogo citizens formed something similar to the original terror against our country, triggered the effect of neglecting our valuables with you, as these values are set as something negative and unworthy to be called value at all. West willingly accepts reports of Georgian, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, Baltic, Western Ukrainian mass media, because this is in the (Western) interests than would be acquainted with the information that reflects the real situation in the Russian Federation and its relationship to those or other global processes.

One of the best examples can be called complete information pressure on the Russian standard in August 2008, when the voices of many Russian media, trying to convey to the readers, viewers, listeners and web users the real facts about what was happening in South Ossetia, just drown myself in the sweeping everything in its path misinformation box stuffing. Euronews, CNN, BBC just crushed Russia's own weight, creating a general recollection of Moscow as the capital of the state of the aggressor. And then this maxim had a long and stubbornly refute, and it must be said, again with the help of foreign media, in the main, the French.

And this once again proves only that the Russian Federation has now really no information tools that could be at least as much as, or similar in force and effect to many of zabugornyh media. And it is all the more surprising, because media field in our country quite extensively, and to call this field even unproductive fodder language does not turn. So why then are more willing to believe the world of subjects and analysis of the situation in Russia from the Qatari channel "Al Jazeera" than try to find out about the situation in Russia, which is called, word of mouth.

Answers to this question may be a little. In 1-x, far not all the news agencies, television stations and websites are doing their own version of the Russian Federation in foreign languages. And in-2, the stereotype is that in Russia at all, and finally killed by freedom of speech is very resilient in a number of countries zabugornyh.

It turns out that the problem of a deliberately distorted the style of our home can solve the subsequent method: actively develop multilingual information service, which would be broadcast on the position RF zabugornyh for people who want to keep abreast of developments. You can not waver in that zabugorny the viewer-reader-listener-user would not be against the occurrence of the ability to receive information about Russian Federation through the prism of ideas of journalists "Al-Jazeera", and at first hand.

But our readers can say that even at this time there is Russian news agencies, broadcasting, for example, in the UK for foreign language audience. That still prevents them to become that "soft power", tells the story of the Russian Federation for zabugornyh people. But on closer inspection it turns out that a very impressive percentage of these agencies suspiciously offers the world view which, to put it mildly, does not always fit in with the real state of affairs in Russia. If it is a question of opposition rallies in Moscow, then covered only the behavior of the riot police, preventing the march, and the weird, the frames are excluded when the same SWAT himself becomes the victim of an extremely raging opposition. Supplies of weapons to Syria is not exhibited by the other as an aid Bashar Assad in the administration of its "bloody policy," but that the supply of arms to the camp of terrorists posing as the Syrian opposition, "sin" and the South American side — in fact, to hear the news unreal.

It turns out that the foreign voice in the Russian Federation is, but this voice is often in tune with reportings CNN, BBC, or "Al-Jazeera". Remedy the situation lies in the promotion of Russian media resources, information and all available legal means. This task is very complex, but the effect of its decisions will be more than significant. And if you do not attend to this at the moment, then after a couple of years, Russian media will be on the very margins of the global media space.

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