It's bad when watching his every move camera

Woman: "The stores — the camera at the ATM — the camera. All this is recorded. Secrets of private life and there is no longer the case."

Man: "I believe that with the help of video cameras to create some order to arouse the conscience of everyone. Everybody will understand what will be known to many that he broke something. Penalties will be afraid to be afraid that it will show on TV — and then both equally affected. "

Woman: "There are many cases when robbing handbags, phone stolen or ripped from the hands — and ran. And — you will not find any until the end of life."

Man: "This is a normal phenomenon. See how many rip-off, how many vehicles as injuries, how many people are killed, how many accidents."

Woman: "More order will be in town, and it's very good."

Man: "I'm for it. Thanks to the camera, it is easier to solve disputes. At the words, we the people are now very hard to believe."

Woman: "This is a limitation of rights, why shoot everything and everyone? Believe that they can not be installed in public places."

Man: "If every step of the next camera, it's bad."

Mrs."Constantly do not want to. Our people are not very cultured — all looking to control behavior."

Man: "I, at least, removed from the machine drives. I'm not treated as known who and what. In the parking lot, I would always put the video recording. On the road — too. Another arrive on the BMW, will be at the center — and rushing" .

Woman: "It will be seen who, where, what and how. Law enforcement agencies, hopefully, will be better to solve crimes. Secondly, there is also a psychological factor. Certain category of teenagers will be a little afraid of."

Woman: "Teens will feel that they are being watched, and they are not so will demolish the roof."

Man: "Drink will be less young people engage in any muck. Calmer will."

Man: "It's bad I feel about that. Personal life should be personal. All the time for you will be watching — why do it?"

Woman: "Sometimes you do not notice who you beat, the car or anything else. Scuffle there what — will be seen at once.'s Good, let the watch."

Man: "And so all of us are watching — police around everywhere."

Man: "And what camera? We order a few? I'm against it. I understand on the road. And why the people watching? '.

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