Japan before and after the tragedy

In Japan it is still not the final number of dead and injured in the earthquake and tsunami. Authorities continue to count the damage. Meanwhile, on the Internet there are new satellite photos of settlements, which is clearly visible, as they looked from space before and after the disaster. Striking mountain rubble, earth and clay, which caused a tidal wave.
Most of the coastal areas affected by the tsunami struck, turned into a swamp. On closer examination it becomes clear that this is a mess of waterlogged cars and what used to be houses. Elsewhere in the disaster area are looking for the missing, but survive with such impact elements akin to a miracle.
According to official data, now vspiske victims of the earthquake and tsunami — 1217 people, a thousand more are listed as missing. Unfortunately, these numbers will grow — in the affected areas are search-and-rescue operations. As stated in last Sunday police chief of Miyagi prefecture, the number of dead there could reach ten thousand. Hardest hit city of Sendai — the administrative center of the region, there lived about a million people. There, the water washed away a residential district and the international airport. Giant tsunami caused serious damage in the prefectures of Iwate, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Chiba and Fukushima, where a wave swept five miles into the coast.


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