Japanese official drank a glass of water fukusimskoy, proving its safety

At a press conference on the problems of aftermath accident NPP "Fukushima-1", the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers Yasuhiro Sonoda drank a glass before radioactive water from underground areas, thus proving its safety after the cleaning procedure.

By universal bewilderment senior official said that so far failed to agree on a low-level radioactive water that was in the underground rooms of the 5th and 6th power station. They are not affected by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 and are now in a state of so-called cold shutdown, according to ITAR-TASS.

However, in the basement at these two energy accumulated a lot of low-level radioactive water came from the ground, and also brought the tsunami. Now it is almost completely siphoned into a floating tank "Megaflout" fitted to the station, where exposed decontamination. Experts claim that the water is now fully complies with safety standards, it is used in nuclear power plants for watering tree belt and car parks.

At the same time in the underground rooms were affected by disasters 1.4 NPP accumulated, according to various estimates, from 80 to 175 tons of radioactive water. Her number at the station for the last few months due to the influx of groundwater by 40% and continues to grow at a rate of about 450 tons per day. It is cleared by a complex system and is used to cool the troubled reactors, where there was a meltdown of nuclear fuel. After which the water is redirected to purification.

Treatment complex works in recent stable. But the administration of the station fears that heavy rains and damage to equipment may result in leakage of radioactive water outside the plant. Previously reported that the water leak occurred from the reactor station as a foundation plant in the earthquake severely damaged.

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