JSC AEP optimizes the construction of nuclear power plants


In JSC "AEP" has initiated a pilot project "High-speed method of building nuclear power plants on the example of the construction of the inner containment (subsidiaries and affiliates)", aimed at optimizing the process of construction of nuclear power plants. According to the company on March 25, the purpose of the project is to "significantly reduce construction time containment of the reactor building and the quality of work." The project is the further development of technology and the modular construction of large-block in the construction of nuclear power plant project VVER-TOI, chief designer of which is "AEP".

In the first phase will be finalized and detailed design documentation. The second — machine-building enterprises planned production of parts and subassemblies for the manufacture of reinforcing cages subsidiaries and affiliates of "high precision" with the use of spatial experience in the production of high-precision metal in the shipbuilding industry. The third factor in reducing run-time work and reducing labor and energy costs will be the use of self-compacting concrete mixtures and "modern concrete technology."

"This approach will introduce a new generation of building technologies and typing at the same time provide the facilities under construction", — said Deputy General Director for Strategic Development of "AEP" Dmitry Paramonov. According to him, the optimization of the construction process will increase the competitiveness of the VVER-TOI on foreign markets, as well as "ensure the implementation of the investment program of building nuclear power plants in Russia." At the moment, the term structure of head unit project VVER-TOI is 48 months.

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