JSC Baltkran put in Zabaykalsk four gantry cranes

Baltkran received a major order to supply four gantry cranes with a capacity of over 150 tons per Zabaykalsk.

The cranes will be working on a railway terminal on the Sino-Russian border. Construction of the railway platform is part of the investment project to expand trade and economic relations between China and Russia. After the completion of the new station will take the first place in terms of handling large, heavy, bulk and other cargo in Zabaikalsk and border zone. Delivery of the cranes is planned for late 2012.

In just the last few years Baltkran put more than 10 cranes 50, 42, 37 and 12.5 tons in Zabaykalsk. "Repeat orders for Zabaikalsk confirm that our taps are reliable and technically advanced products, and our customers appreciate our quality and service support," — said Yermolaev Arthur, Vice President BALTKRAN.

Capacity of one crane will be 100 +10 t, the length of the bridge more than 40 meters, two consoles at 8 m hook height of 12 m gantry crane dual console will carry bulky cargo overload with a narrower Chinese railway track on the wider Russian railway track.

The crane features high performance and fault tolerance. Precise, smooth and safe movement of heavyweights without rocking and damage to goods provide a modern system of crane based on frequency converters, developed by Baltkran.

Another crane lifting capacity 32t amount, the length of the bridge over 40m, 8m on two consoles and hook height 12m. Two more cranes will have a capacity of 12.5 tons each, the length of the bridge over 50m, 10m hook height, two consoles at 8m.


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