JSC GAKZ proceeded to install the upgraded cabins on cranes

  • KS-55713-1 "Galician" boom 21.7 m on the basis of car chassis KAMAZ-65115 (6x4)
  • KS-55713-1 "Galician" boom 21.7 m on the basis of car chassis KAMAZ-65115 (6×4)

Since March 2013 of "GAKZ" proceeded to install the upgraded cabins for cranes lifting capacity of 32 tons and 25. 

New cabins are convenient to use, more functional and modern. By volume of the changes, we can safely say that the car is almost a new development on the old platform.

So, what changes have been introduced:

— The interior of the cabin was filled with plastic elements that allow the crane operator to work more comfortably.

For example:

— Introduced frontal shield, with baffles efficiently distribute warm air heater, as the whole space, and in the desired direction.

— The new dashboard has become more ergonomic, and the block display of the crane ONC-160, was able to adjust the position.

— There are niches for papers, containers with drinking water and other small items

— Cab glass, acquired sliding window, which will maintain the microclimate, both in summer and in winter.

— In the daytime work will help more comfortable sun shades of translucent material that can be locked in any position.

— Just for the convenience of the crane installed a new chair with improved lateral support and settings, by weight, height and angle.

— New electrical connector connecting the electrical equipment enclosure with a crane, built on the principle Wiring Without Toll (Installation requires no tools) and has a class of IP-67 (pylevlagonepronitsaemy), which allows even in the "field" conditions to replace the cab and its components independently in a short terms.

— For easy and reliable fixing of doors, installed a new lock with two-way ratchet.

All of the above changes are intended to make the work on the car crane "GALICHANIN" more comfortable at any time of year and day, in all conditions …

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