JSC IDGC of Center has implemented a pilot project to install street lights with energy-efficient induction lamps

In order to improve energy efficiency and energy saving, launching innovative processes and cutting-edge technology solutions in the energy field of the Belgorod builder of "IDGC of Center" installed street lights with modern induction lamps.

 Photo source:mrsk-1.ru

The principle of operation of the induction lamp is simple: the generation of light by gas discharge under the influence of electromagnetic induction. Unlike traditional light sources, induction tubes are not used and the filament electrode, and a large part of the energy converted into light. Due to the increased light output compared to the technology currently in use, induction lamps can save up to 60% energy. Among the advantages of induction lamps in front of mercury, sodium, metal halide and even LED, experts point and uniform light distribution, instant start and at low temperatures. Therefore, induction lamps can be effectively used for illumination of wide streets, highways, tunnels, industrial buildings and warehouses, production halls, airports, stadiums, and train stations, car parks, etc.

Induction lighting technology is currently one of the cleanest and most "forgiving" to the environment. Low power consumption can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

The experimental period in the Builder is designed for one year. Then the project will be distributed over the entire contour of JSC "IDGC of Center".

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