JSC Information Satellite Systems expands production

Due to the significant increase in the volume of their own work and the introduction of innovative technologies in the creation of the spacecraft at JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "decided to expand production.

In order to enhance the development of high-end technology works in JSC "ISS" production company is divided into central and instrumentation. In the central part of the production on December 1 a new unit — a workshop production of large transformable reflectors and antenna-feeder devices.

Changing the structure of an enterprise driven by the rapid development of the two directions in the field of manufacturing of spacecraft. First, the JSC "ISS" significantly increased activity in the field of antenna and feeder satellites. Reshetnev Company started to develop antenna radiation pattern and contour precision Ka-band antennas. For these purposes in the plant is built and equipped a special area. In ISS Academician MF Reshetnev completed construction of a new building, designed for assembly and experimental testing of antennas and antenna-feeder systems of the spacecraft, which has no analogues in Russia. Second, in recent years has significantly increased the volume of production units and on-board satellite cable networks, which required isolation of this direction in a separate proceeding.

According to the General Designer and General Director of JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "Nicholas Testoedova, such a serious transformation of production due to the dynamic development of the Reshetnev company in the design and manufacture of space vehicles, modernization of production technology and experimental facilities, as well as the completion of the staff of the enterprise qualified personnel.

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