JSC Izhmash — is producing Russian small arms (photo)

JSC "Izhmash" (Previously — "Izhevsk arms factory") — the largest manufacturer of small arms Russia, created in 1807 by decree of Emperor Alexander I. The value of this enterprise in the history of the country it is difficult to overestimate. For the first four years of operation the plant produced two thousand guns, and during the war with Napoleon, Kutuzov's army was able to put more than 6 million barrels, increasing the production of weapons of ten.


Support people in the Great Patriotic War

The most difficult time for the plant was the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. And this test of strength, he successfully passed. In 1941, production of the Mosin rifle reached 12 million units per day, the plant each day fully armed the one infantry division. In November 1941, less than a month it has been mastered production of anti-tank guns of Degtyareva. From it you can fire on the light and medium tanks from a distance of up to 800 meters During the war in Izhevsk produced more than 11 million rifles and carbines, over 15 thousand aircraft guns, about 130 thousand antitank guns — that amount of weapons " Izhmash "has produced for 92 years before the war.

And the ride, and just shoot the factory "Izhmash"

After the war began translating factory production to civilian production. "Izhmash" produced Agricultural machinery, furniture and even hockey skates. The most recognized civil products factory — cars "Moskvich". From 1945 to 1991. "Izhmash" has produced 10 million motorcycles "IJ" means the manufacture of each of the "iron horse" took no more than three minutes.

Yet the core competence of Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant production remained military products. Since 1948 Izhevsk began production of the legendary Kalashnikov (AK), a year later taken into the arms of the Soviet army. Due to its reliability, ease of use and simplicity AK is the most common small arms in the world. As many as 20% of the available in the world of small arms fire — it Kalashnikovs. The brainchild of Russian gunsmith even depicted on the flag and coat of arms of the African state of Mozambique. In Russia, for all the time there were more than 50 million AK — on 95 machines per hour for 60 years.

What do the "Saiga" in the United States?

Along with the JSC "Izhmash" has developed and produced a variety of other types of weapons: hunting rifles, rifles for biathlon and the famous Dragunov sniper rifle, which is able to recharge itself.

In the nineties, when an order from the government to supply weapons fell at times, "Izhmash" survived through sporting and hunting weapons. The most famous was the family here "Saiga" — rifles based on the Kalashnikov. "Saiga" is popular in Russia, not only as a hunting, but also sporting weapons. Since the beginning of 2012 carbine "Saiga-12" are available for U.S. police forces, despite the fact that the United States rarely import of Russian defense products.

An important factor in the development of the Izhevsk enterprises in the two thousandth year was the implementation of large export orders. For example, in 2005 a contract was signed for the supply of Kalashnikov assault rifles to Venezuela the new series. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the parade handing these machines of war, says to everyone: "Soldier, you get the best weapon in the world." With the assistance of "Izhmash" in this country is based plant that will produce AK license.

Order for the safety of the state

Currently, "Izhmash" is part of the state corporation "Russian Technologies", which deals with the transformation of the structure and financial recovery. This year, in Izhevsk introduced a new rifle for the Russian national biathlon. It is distinguished by an attention to detail design and improved design. Rifle praised the four-time Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov. With sports weapons "Izhmash" opposed by a majority of junior teams in Europe and the Russian youth team.

In 2007, the "Izhmash" celebrated its bicentennial anniversary. During this time the plant has earned an impeccable reputation as a manufacturer of reliable products in the military, ordinary citizens and foreign partners. "Izhmash" — the pride of the Russian industry, "- said Dmitry Medvedev when he visited the company in 2008 Indeed, the plant was used to guard the national interest since the time of the Napoleonic Wars. In the most difficult moments for the country "Izhmash" working at maximum capacity, for which he was awarded five medals.






















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