JSC KBAL them. L.N.Koshkina conducts research to increase the piercing power of rounds of 30-50%

JSC "Design office automated lines im.L.N.Koshkina" conducts research to increase the piercing power of rounds of 30-50%, said in an interview with the magazine "National Defense" General Director Nikolai Maslyaev.

According to him, "is also conducted research projects on the development of two-element bullets of designs that should be excluded scarce and environmentally harmful lead bullets using nanomaterials."

As stressed N.Maslyaev, "the most important work in the field of improvement of rounds of small arms is to create a sniper cartridge, which allows to deliver aimed fire at a distance of 1.5-2 km."

N. Maslyaev noted, "has developed and implemented an environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating composition sleeves and technology of its application, allowing to increase the shelf life of ammunition and 40 years."

KBAL major work is the creation process, and complex machines reloading in plastic cages and packing cartridges as the cage and the cage in no packages from multilayer polymer films instead of seamless metal boxes. This allows you to open the package in combat conditions without the use of any special tools, and the use of plastic clips provide equipment store firearms in 2-3 seconds.

Has not lost relevance creation of complex automated production with a capacity of one chain automation equipment 1000-1200 rounds per minute. This will provide a special period in the army required amount of ammunition.

As noted N.Maslyaev, "today KBAL specialists are improving rounds of small arms, the development of modern manufacturing techniques and bullet casings from steel, development of special technological equipment for the production of cartridges and recycling. In particular, work is underway to create a rotary lines for silent, armor, sniper and tracer bullets. "

Asked about the company's export program, N.Maslyaetv noted that "now completed delivery of munitions plant" turn-key "in Venezuela."

JSC "KBAL them. LN Cat's "is the parent organization of GC" Russian Technologies "for the production of high-tech equipment ammunition industry.

The company is uniquely positioned closed production cycle: from design and technological documentation to finished products according to customers' specifications.

The enterprise set up four centers: Scientific-themed production, technical, quality assurance center and the center of service delivery. In all aspects of intensive embedded computer technology.

A program of development of the company in all areas, including the implementation of international projects.

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